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unified communication systems

As technology is always constantly upgrading and improving all the time, if your business is not currently utilising any type of unified communication systems, then you should definitely consider getting an upgrade. But what exactly is a unified communication system and why have they become so vital for businesses across the world?

A more efficient way to conduct business

A unified communication system is made up of a combination of numerous communication technologies which is consolidated into one convenient piece of equipment. Many of these products, such as Digium’s Switchvox (now known as Sangoma Technologies), have been designed to enable a company’s customers, staff and clients to seamlessly communicate with the business.

Through using technology such as messaging services, video chat and data sharing, a business benefits from a revolutionary and advanced phone system which is loaded with a wide variety of helpful features.

Here are just some of the many benefits your business can take advantage of:

Increased collaboration between employees

One major benefit is that whether they are in the office or off-site, staff members can seamlessly collaborate on whichever personal device they are using. Using a unified communication system means that clients and staff can benefit from features which allow them to interact with each other in real-time. This is done through features such as instant messaging, video conference calling, live chat and more.

Apart from this, it also features collaboration tools such as screen sharing and interactive whiteboards. These enable entire teams and departments to share data and information instantly, whether they are located in the office or out on the road.

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Utilising the benefits of a unified communication system is an ideal IT solution for companies that have staff members who are always travelling or out on the road, yet need to be constantly connected to the business.

Greater security and improved data storage

Because many of the latest unified communication systems are cloud-based, this enables businesses to ensure that all their private and sensitive company data is securely backed up onto the cloud. This also allows staff members to easily and quickly retrieve and access files and documents.

Another great benefit is that company data gets copied to different locations. This means that in the event of a server going down, staff can still retrieve data quickly and easily. This also will minimise any downtime that a company might suffer from. When searching for an MSP (Managed Service Provider), make sure that they offer services such as 24/7 monitoring and assistance. This will ensure that your company’s confidential data is constantly being looked after around the clock.

They are very cost-effective

When using a variety of multiple communication platforms and software, it can result in having numerous bills to pay each month. This is because using different platforms will require installing phone lines, maintenance and servicing, which will generate additional costs.

However, when using a unified communication system, your business will only be receiving one bill. This is because many unified communication system solutions operate on a cost structure which can be very cost-effective and affordable. Because each call made is operated over the internet, there is no need to install any phone lines. All you require is a solid internet connection.

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Streamline the way your staff communicate

By using a unified communication system, all of your employees can streamline their communication, regardless of their location. This is because it also acts as a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system.

VoIPs are known for containing helpful features such as multi-party conferencing, interactive dashboards, call queue managing, transferring, holding, monitoring and much more. Because the way staff can communicate is much more streamlined, daily tasks are improved and productivity levels increase.

Making your business more flexible

Using a unified communication system also enables your business to be much more flexible and react more quickly to any unforeseen events as they pop up.

For example, a portion of staff members may be delayed due to a train cancellation or severe weather. Usually, this would mean that productivity would suffer until the employees finally make it to work. With a unified communication system, the whole day no longer needs to be disrupted. Affected staff members can still easily make calls, video conference or instant message other team members during transit or from their homes.

Staff can integrate their personal device into the company’s phone system, which allows them to use their smartphone to still speak with customers, clients and colleagues from wherever they are.

In summary

There are many unified communication system options to choose from such as Switchvox. It has proven to be an invaluable and crucial resource for businesses looking to increase the productivity and efficiency of their workforce.

To take advantage of the many benefits that unified communication systems provide, search online for a managed IT service provider and discover how they can assist your needs today.