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Time to Take Care of Plumbing: What are the Best Ways to Maintain?

There are many concerns about keeping the house organized and in great condition, however, a factor that counts a lot and is sometimes overlooked is the internal maintenance of the environment such as electrical wiring and plumbing, but some owners only remember these factors when they cause any visible problem on the outside of the property such as leaks, power outages, shocks, among others.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep in the habit of checking that everything is working perfectly with a certain frequency, by doing this you avoid future headaches, as well as unwanted expenses. Another way is when you are buying your property to find out about these details that will make a difference later on, so it is necessary to look for the best real estate agencies in Curitiba that will give all the necessary support for the purchase to be carried out with success

Build time errors that can cause future problems:

Going through the construction of your property is an arduous but rewarding process, however, for the final result to be as expected, it is necessary to be careful with some errors that end up compromising the entire work, or even generating problems in the future. We’ve sorted out some of these most common mistakes so that this doesn’t happen in your future home.


It is necessary to know the material that the professional is using in their facilities, because the pipes do not appear, many people end up leaving out the quality of the pipes and making a greater investment in another part of the house, but this may be the first mistake that goes cost you sleepless nights.

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The parts used must be stored with great care, preferably in a vertical bag, so that they do not suffer any damage and under no circumstances change the heating base for better adaptation.

Therefore, it is important to buy appropriate and quality parts when building or renovating your home. A valuable tip is to buy the same brand of pipe for all the plumbing, as pipes of different brands can cause a complication at the time of joining and end up causing leaks

Lack of Planning:

An unplanned work or renovation is an endless nightmare. Think of all water points, the correct thing is to install a valve for each point and not just a valve for your entire structure, this way it avoids that when you need to do some maintenance it is not necessary to turn off all the water circulation in the house.

Another important factor is when installing the faucets and the shower correctly, as a wrong calculation of the water falling to the height of the box can cause weak water jets. What is the use of having beautiful pieces that can cause problems in the future? At this time, it is necessary to consult a professional about which parts are best suited for your type of plumbing, thus providing greater peace of mind in their use.

A valuable tip is to keep a plan of the hydraulic installation of your home, as, over time, we end up forgetting the position of the pipes and having the plan of the hydraulic installation will make it easier when it comes to maintenance and when decorating your home, because you no longer be afraid to hit a pipe when nailing something, if you don’t have the plan, take pictures of their location.

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Now that you know all the most common mistakes in construction, you’ll be able to prevent them from happening and enjoy all the comfort and convenience that your new home will offer.

Tips for Maintenance:

More and more people are adhering to hydraulic maintenance both in homes and even in points of commerce, this type of maintenance ensures the proper functioning of the network, in addition to possibly a reduction in the bill at the end of the month. It is noteworthy that preventive maintenance is much cheaper than corrective maintenance, therefore, it is much more worthwhile to replace some parts that are already worn out and ensure good functioning. To ensure quality preventive maintenance we have set aside some simple tips that will make all the difference. Check out for maintenance and services

Wash the water Tanks:

This tip may sound simple, but a lot of people forget. Over the months the boxes can accumulate a lot of dirt that eventually goes down to the faucets and shower, it can also cause clogging which is much more expensive to solve. Cleaning is mandatory and must be done once a year to maintain water quality.

If your property is rented, it is important to check with the owner when the last cleaning was carried out, if the place was stopped for a long time and it is important to carry out the cleaning before actually settling in. Some apartments for rent in Curitiba constantly carry out this cleaning even if there are no residents in the place, a measure that should be necessary in any residence available for rental.

Water tank:

Since we gave the tip for cleaning the water tank, we must emphasize that the float, or also called the level switch, is responsible for controlling how full the tank must be, and a check must also be carried out. in this equipment constantly, because there may be a change in the regulation, causing more water to be poured into the tank resulting in overflow, generating a waste of water resources and an increase in the amount to be paid at the end of the month, in addition to what may come cause damage to the site’s structures.

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Hydraulic Maintenance:

Flush valves, coupled boxes, faucets, valves, urinals and water tanks, among others, can present constant problems. This relatively inexpensive preventive maintenance significantly lowers the price of the account. Ideally, these maintenance should be done every four months, if you live in a property that has already come with these facilities ready, as it is very common to find some furnished kitnets, you need to check these facilities to find out when the last maintenance was done and be aware of any possible leaks, and if they do happen, it is important to contact the owner to change these valves, which at first convey the idea of ​​small and unimportant leaks, but make all the difference at the end of the month.

With these simple and effective tips, you won’t have so many problems anymore. Did you like them? So share it on your social networks for your friends to see!

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