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6 Tips For Quick Acne Elimination

What to do with adult acne? Who says pimples are the “patent” of young people? There is also a kind of pimples in life called adult acne! The pimples problem is very serious. Acne can occur on any part of the skin. It can be too dark, too red, and sometimes painful. But, you do not have to suffer from pimples again.

Acne is a skin disease in which the oil glands on the face become abnormally inflamed or irritated. Pimples are very common. In fact, nearly every teen has mild to severe pimples at some time, and many adults do too.

Here we are going to share some useful tips for quick pimples elimination. Some of the methods are very easy to refer to. No matter how old you want to quickly eliminate pimples, just save this article or bookmark it now!

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural astringent, which can help reduce pimples. Secondly, its strong acidity can also kill many bacteria and help eliminate redness and swelling. Lemon juice contains vitamin C also has the effect of brightening the skin. It is ok as a fast anti-acne natural product, but it is not recommended to use it regularly.

2. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been proven by dermatologists to remove pimples. Applying a small amount of tea tree oil to the acne after washing your face every day can quickly help it get rid of pimples. However, it is recommended that people with sensitive skin use it after diluting! Visit XocialMe to read more about health and beauty tips online.

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3. Witch Hazel

Apply a toner containing Witch Hazel ingredients on the pimples to tighten the pores and kill the bacteria in them. If the acne condition is severe, moisten a cotton pad with Witch Hazel toner and apply it to the acne area. Visit your nearest store to get a toner that is suitable for your skin condition.

4. Lavender Essential Oil

After washing your face in the morning and evening, apply a drop of lavender essential oil to the acne. After the lavender essential oil penetrates the muscle cells. It can promote the regeneration and repair of damaged cells, and the effect of diminishing scars is extremely strong.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Pat the apple cider vinegar on the pimples, or use it as a lotion to apply on the face, it will help to repair pores and acne. Apple cider vinegar does not cause any irritation to the skin. Hence, this is not an issue if you would like to use it in the morning. Try this today and let us know if it is working for you.

6. Ice Cubes

Ice cubes can quickly shrink pores, thereby reducing redness and swelling. When pimples is red and swollen, ice can also play an analgesic effect. In addition, green tea can be iced into ice cubes for application. Green tea itself has astringent and anti-inflammatory effects.


Acne, also know as bacterial pimples, is a skin condition marked by redness, itching, and scaling. It is nearly always caused by a mixture of two types of bacteria, P. acnes, and P. roticum, which naturally occur on the skin and support the growth of both blackheads and pimples. If left unchecked, acne can lead to permanent damage and even scarring.

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The best acne prevention techniques include the use of non-acne skincare products, such as those containing zinc oxide, avoiding foods that can cause pimples such as certain types of cheese, and taking enzyme supplements to help break down dead skin cells and encourage a skin-friendly environment. Thanks for reading and hope this will be able to assist you.

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