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The growing demand for the implementation of technologies such as the Global Navigation Surveillance System (GNS), e-navigation, cloud computing, Internet of Things in ports is one of the key factors driving the vessel traffic management market. The vessel traffic management system is open, flexible, and has a modular architecture, allowing for the use of computer and communication systems to upgrade the system through assignment help London services.

  1. Ship Locator

Ship Tracker and Ship Finder can also be used as marine tracker and position finder for maritime traffic. This is a dynamic and realistic platform for ship position tracker using ship radar and boat radar. Users can also use the boat as a boat explorer and marine finder to find the best ship according to their planned trips and access the boat agent through this app. Users can locate shops and ships on satellite maps and maritime traffic radar and use them as ship navigators. Other features of this application include the search for ships with full GPS coordinates and real-time marine trackers to track crude oil tankers. Users can also search for passenger ships, boats and service ships. Consumers can find a variety of ships such as crude oil tankers, fishing vessels, training ships, firefighting ships, service yachts and more.

  1. Weslink

Based on AIS global data, and provide customers with professional onboard tracking and risk warning services. Naval status and departure information for each ship, anchor, berthing and departure. Original and destination port information, ETA, route, and port call time for each ship;

Nautical data:

  • Pilot information such as sea beds, and sea signs.
  • Port details such as berth, and dry docks.
  • Location and features of lights, and lighthouses.
  1. Boat Beacon 

Designed specifically for use on the water, as well as showing the surrounding ship on a chart, the Boat Beacon AIS has information about the ship, as well as bearings, range and near-sight (CPA). ) Also provides an account of. At the same time, the Internet receives AIS and is the only app that constantly monitors the CPA, stating whether to detect a possible collision even when the app is in the background. AIS receives and sends ship data in real-time via the Internet. No VHF AIS receiver, transponder or air required. Collision over the horizon and SART detection (30 miles radius) using constant near-point view (CPA) calculations – highlights boats that are on the probable course of a collision and alarm at this time. Even when the app is in the background. Provides impact and distance information to boats other than AIS information such as speed, course, location, name, length, etc. Shows you a recent boat trip.

  1. Sea pilot

Professional marine navigation requires an expensive GPS plotter. Now, the same technology used in Merchant Shipping is available for your Android device. Use it to navigate, plan tomorrow’s boat trip, or be reminded of tomorrow. Marine Pilot is free to install but requires a license and charts to be purchased at seapilot.com.

  1. Marine Navigator‏

Marine Navigator is an offline navigator that uses Raster Navigational Charts (RNC’s) to plot your position in real-time. This way you can carry original copies of the official paper chart on your mobile device. This full version of Marine Navigator offers the following enhanced functions in addition to the functionality of the Lite version.

  1. Aqua Map Marine‏

An app designed to meet all your fishing and wrestling needs, with the help of expert bowlers. Download the best latest nautical charts to safely enjoy the new boating season. Turn your device into a real chart plotter with Aqua Map Master.


Now it’s time to get on the water with the new Samrad app, designed to help you travel further. Whether you’re out on the water for hiking, boating, fishing, diving, water sports or other activities, this is the app of choice. If you’re equipped with a smart display, start by connecting your display to your phone. If not, you can just turn on the app and go.

  1. Wärtsilä iSailor 

It is an easy-to-use navigational system designed for amateur seafarers. Intended for use on boats and yachts, iSeller provides navigation information and a clear presentation of electronic charts. TS-97 vector chart format of Trans, supported by iSailor, is recognized worldwide as a highly accurate and reliable source of navigational information.

  1. Saildroid

App for sailors, boats and boats, a collection of marine applications that includes Speedometer in knots, miles per hour or kilometers per hour, ground course, position mark or edit dots, import Viewpoint from GPX file.

  1. Sail Expert

The sailing Expert application supports navigation, racing, helps sailors keep their logbooks accurate and

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Keep up-to-date, various boat maintenance logs. Device sensors are used to fill logs such as location, COG, SOG, temperature, and pressure. If a WiFi provider is available, boat sensors will be used instead.

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