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With the advancement of technology, marketing has changed its ways from conventional to digital. Over the last twenty years, it has been growing gradually and today it got its peak. Moreover, the pandemic of COVID-19 has also revealed its importance to universal users. Digital marketing is a fascinating field and more and more students are getting enrolled in this course every year. If you are planning your career, then it would be the best choice. To give you an inspiration and to motivate you, we have compiled the topmost profiles of 2020, who have proved themselves as an expert digital marketing persons and are called as GURU.

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  1. BRENDON BURCHARD: being a marketing guru Brendon is ranked as number 1. However, he is not only a marketing guru but also a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur. Moreover, he is a coach speaker and wrote a book the millionaire messenger who was a hit and he became the best-selling author in the New York Times.
  2. FRANK KERN: he is also one of the most successful mentors in the field of internet marketing. And belongs to the United States. Because of his unmatchable skill and level, he is seen as one of the top marketing gurus not by one but by many. He is a consultant and advisors for many businessmen and celebrities in the field of marketing. He is the highest-paid consultant. If we look towards his worth of the information product, it is around $1997.
  3. RUSSELL BRUNSON: while he was studying at university he initiated his first-ever company which operated online and additionally at that time he was also taking part in wrestling at Boise State University. He retailed and sold goods and services, that selling of product value was over a million dollars and this all happened within a year of graduating. He initiated the selling of products from his basement. It has been 10 years and more than Russell has initiated many online companies such as software and coaching company. He is renowned affiliates throughout the world. not only he grew himself but he also assisted many young entrepreneurs in growing and prospering their online companies with the help of DotComSecrets
  4. DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT: he owns a well-speaking power and influences many people around the world. He is famous and known for being a marketing strategist and made his name in sales too. Scott is an energetic marketing strategist whose presentations are like him. Scott has addressed to audiences of renowned firms, organizations, and institutes over 40 countries. If someone wants to grow and flourish his business and venture, they should really read his blogs and highly recommended books. He is the main author and co-author of many well-written books.
  5. GINA SCHRECK: a woman with strong perception and a great mind. She not only addresses and guides the audience through books and blogs, but she really had made her name in the field of marketing. She successfully runs and functions her marketing agency for around 24 years. She comprehends well how to integrate new trends in tech and how to utilize suitable tools to build and grow business. She owns two businesses. She does not do air talk, but she speaks based on reality and shares practical ideas and information which people can immediately implement and grow.
  6. DONALD MILLER: Miller is the owner of the story brand and each year he assists 3000 plus business owners and leaders to clear up the message brand. And is also included as one of the New York Times Bestsellers list. Moreover, Miller is not only a motivational speaker, but he also entertains his audience and also enlightens them with useful information.
  7. GARY VAYNERCHUK: He is businessmen in true meaning and spirit and is well aware of every tactic to grow the business. Gary is not only recognized but is a proven, investor. Throughout the world, he is a great advisor to those who want to start their new venture. He has proved his name in the domain of startups. Gary also owns his own social media marketing agency named Vaynermedia. And is also an expert in fortune 500 world
  8. CLAIRE DIAZ-ORTIZ: she as successful businesswoman, she is an all-rounder and multi-tasker. She has proven her name as a speaker, writer and innovation advisor. Her achievements and skills do not end here, but by the Fast Company, she was honored and named as one of the 100 most creative people in the domain of business. She initiated as an employee at Twitter.
  9. TAI LOPEZ: he started from scratch and built his own name and empire of business. Lopez not only motivates many people but he is also a successful investor and skillful entrepreneur, he also tends to give business advice to the public through videos and for over 20 multimillion companies and organizations he is a partner. He just not talks about successful business but also does a podcast on happiness, love and regarding health and throughout the world and over 40 countries he has his fan base over 1.4 million.
  10. JAY ABRAHAM: he is not only a successful businessman, but Jay also owns such unmatchable skills and ability to grow income, business, wealth and he is a maker of success. Throughout his career, he has been dealing with every kind of business virtually, and he is well aware of how to solve business queries and how to take advantage of opportunities. He also owns his company Abraham Group, Inc.
  11. JEFF WALKER: Walker invented his own series regarding product information which named Product Launch Formula. He is an American internet marketer. And due to his renowned “formula” has gathered him a lot of applause and appreciation.
  12. AMY PORTERFIELD: strong women with uncanny skills and ability. Over 12 years she is in the marketing domain. She is also co-writer of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. She is also a social media strategist and has worked with many big names and brands
  13. DAN KENNEDY: the one to whom you should approach for the business growth without even a second thought. He is internationally known and currently known as “The Millionaire Maker “. He is an expert in leading marketing in today’s industrial era.
  14. PERRY MARSHALL: he is a prize-winner of $5 million Evolution 2.0 from the judges of well-reputed universities. FORBES, INC Magazine, has also endorsed Perry and is considered to be one of the most expensive consultants for business queries.
  15. RYAN DEISS: he is the proud founder as well as CEO of a digital marketer, and Ryan has been giving very effective ideas regarding businesses over 200,000 throughout 68 different countries.
  16. YANIK SILVER: he has been an inspirational figure for many people, and he has been successfully taking place in several best-selling books author. He belongs to the 21st century and knows how to implement innovative ideas in marketing and business.
  17. MARK SCHAEFER: he is the author of books regarding marketing and he has written the best books in the marketing domain. He is a social media strategist and trains many companies and clients.
  18. NEIL PATEL: Patel has successfully made his place in the top 10 online marketers stated by Forbes and he is also co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar. He assists many renowned companies such as Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom to grow and increase their revenue and profit.
  19. ARMAND MORIN: he stepped into the field of marketing with zero money and no experience but still due to his skills and hard work now he owns a multimillion-dollar international business and also is a proven internet marketing industry expert.
  20. RICH SCHEFREN: last but not least Rich is a business strategist, successful internet marketer, and coach from the US. He is the founder and CEO of Strategic Profits, which assists the newbies in the small businesses and provides training in entrepreneurs Schefren has collaborated and coached with many other successful entrepreneurs.
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Hope the above personalities will become a good source for you to choose your future path.



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