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Hospitality is a vast business, and it is also on the run throughout the day as many guests are checking in and checking out all the time.

You can be a big hotel chain or just an inn at the beginning stage; you need to keep your guests happy and satisfied. That is the aim of hospitality.

When it comes to arriving at a hotel, reception is the first place the visitors come across, so that becomes an opportunity for you to create a good first impression.

So how can you make sure you are creating a perfect first impression?

Read the blog further to know more.

What It’s Like To Have Digital Signage At Your Hotel

Digital Signage is a simple concept: showcasing important information in a digital format. Yet, they have always been eye-catching and attention-grabbing. That is why businesses incorporate them into their premises on such a large scale.

Digital signages work with visuals that are also informative, making a perfect combination of information and engagement. If you place the digital signage at your premises, it can be very beneficial as it will be visible to every visitor.

If you have a business in hospitality, you must be receiving guests on an everyday basis. The pressure to make them feel welcome is also real. In such situations, digital signage can be a helping hand for you.

Read this blog to know the top 5 digital signage content ideas for hotel reception to make the most of it.

Hotel Digital Signage Content Ideas For Reception

1. Advertise In-house And Local Businesses

When visiting a new place, shopping locally is on everyone’s mind. While some hotels have a few store outlets on their premises, they all have local stores in their locality. You will be indirectly contributing to your guests’ travel plans.

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Advertise these businesses on your hotel digital signage to help your customers with information. You can also have a deal with the local businesses to advertise their brand, which will bring monetary benefits for you as every business loves a little advertising.

2. Travel & Emergency Information

During an emergency, digital signage screens can be utilized to provide information to the guests. Have an in-built emergency activation system for your digital signage, which would get activated during any emergency. This will become an indication that you care for them.

The hotel digital signage will provide guests with navigation, safety measures, fire extinguisher location, and other updates as per the situation. You can also share travel information with the guests if they have to leave for their hometowns during an emergency like the pandemic.

3. Testimonials And Reviews

Reviews have always been a great source of information for potential guests and a perfect advertising tool for the hotel. Choose some of the best reviews given to you by your previous guests. It has been scientifically proven that consumers trust the first-hand experience of their peers more than the advertisement given by the brand.

Highlight them using the digital signage at your hotel reception. Each time a guest visits and sees the reviews, they’ll feel happy and relieved for choosing you because people see reviews as a reliable source.

4. Welcome Message

Creating the first impression is important in front of your guests because that can become their perspective for you in the longer run. Give a special welcome to the guests as they reach your hotel reception. Tell them how important they are to you and you care for them.

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Create and display welcome messages on the hotel digital signage at your reception area. Visible for the guests. You can also enter their name or their family surname (if it’s a family staying) and that would create a good impression.

5. Inform About The Upcoming Events

As a hotel, with so many guests, you keep organizing events and fests to keep them entertained and take back good memories with your place. But how to make sure that your guests are being informed about it?

Display the upcoming events on the hotel digital signages at the reception area so that your guests are well informed. You can also post pictures of past events to create excitement among your guests so that you have more participants.

Over To You

We come to the end of this blog, where you got to know about the top 5 digital signage content ideas for your hotel’s reception.

Incorporate these ideas into your digital signage to show the best quality content to your guest and ensure a warm welcome.

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