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Out of all the rooms within your property, whether you are fortunate to live in a large, sprawling manor house in the country or a modest yet incredibly stylish apartment on the river, your living room or lounge should be one the place you can relax, kick back and enjoy in the simple pleasures of life.

There are numerous ways in which your living room can still be a functional, multi-purpose space yet still stay fashionable and be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

With this in mind, here are the four trends in home décor perfect for your living room.

1. Personal Collections on Display

For those people who absolutely adore collecting a certain range of vinyl figures, artwork by a particular local artist, or indeed, absolutely anything else, there is indeed good news from the design world.

One of the current and set-to-be long-lasting trends is to display such personal collections in a unique, visual, and eye-catching way, and it is entirely up to you where you choose to display them. Either as a series of frames following the upward trajectory of the stairs, or a dedicated second bedroom, get those collections on display and show them off!

2. Outdoors: Indoors

Perhaps you regularly ensure that your house plants are alive and thriving and love nothing more with the arrival of spring, or else consider your beautifully decorated conservatory as the favorite room of your home.

If not, it is time to head to your nearest garden center and choose the right kinds of indoor plants to suit the space you intend to keep them. Not only are indoor plants trending, but so too are living walls, natural greens as a color scheme, and also floral prints for curtains, sofas, and other soft furnishings.

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3. A Warm & Cosy Aesthetic

The third trend in home design and décor you may well want to embrace as soon as you can is that of a warmer, cozier, and altogether ‘homely’ design aesthetic for the living room and bedroom.

There is nothing more functional, stunning, and indeed, literally warming than a traditional fireplace from a prestigious London fireplaces supplier and together with this grand focal piece, you could also choose muted browns and oranges for the walls and add more texture and depth with different throws, blankets, and cushions.

Instead of using a bright ceiling light in the evening, choose dimmer switches and smaller floor and table lamps.

4. Velvet, Velvet & More Velvet

Finally, reigning supreme in the designs of leading interior designers and decorators throughout the country and internationally for yet another season is the sumptuous and rich vision of velvet.

From a bold and daring midnight blue velvet sofa to more subtle plush purple velvet cushions, or even choosing to replace your current lampshade in your bedroom with a larger, grander velvet design, embracing this soft and decadent fabric will bring an on-trend warmth to your interior living spaces.

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