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Throughout history, both Greek and Romans used tattoos to make the ownership of slaves, while in China they tattooed criminals permanently, Japanese use tattoos as an art form. In the past, tattoos were considered taboo, but that was a long past. Now in the UK an estimated twenty million people inked up at least once. It is not much different in America also; according to the Pew report, 40% of millennials in the US had a tattoo, and I suspect that number may have crept higher since then.

There are many reasons to get inked or not. No matter what you decide, research must be conducted before finally taking the plunge.

Tattoos for guys (signal of strength):

Evolutionary biologists have theorized that tattoo is a way of signal that how tough men’s are. Studies have shown that men with tattoos look attractive, healthy, masculine, and dominant. So the tattoos may be the human equivalent to a peacocks shown tail. The research conducted that tattoos may have dual functions “they attract female preference but also are likely to important in male-male competition.”

Once a man decided to get inked, the next step is the selection of design. There are many styles and after that, decide where you are going to be inked. There are so many options, but it is important to check the safety measures that the artist will make your tattoo. Before going to the tattoo parlor, shave your body part with the best shaving cream for men to get rid of hairs so that the artist could have a clean slate. He will disinfect you, himself, and the things used in tattoo making. The pain factor is entirely different depending upon the area you have decided to go under the needle. The area that induces the most pain is those where the bone is closer to the skin’s surface, such as the head, neck, knees, and spine. The least pain areas are the forearm, buttocks, and calf are the recommended areas to get under the needle.

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Tattoo styles:

You would be surprised at the popularity of some tattoo styles in a particular location; for example, Japanese tattoos are very famous in America and traditional American tattoos are very found in Britain. We will be going over the top 9 tattoo styles, and it is important to know about it if you are interested in body art.

Japanese :

Japanese art has become incredibly popular and amazingly beautiful, with a vast range of designs that are often done in vibrant hues, but soft black and grey palettes are also very famous. They have many appealing images containing flowers, cherry, blossoms and peonies, legendary heroes, Buddhist and on masks, but certain rules about symbolism need to be followed strictly.

Old school:

The term old school in tattooing used in reference of the American traditional style of tattooing. Particularly famous subjects in old school tattooing include swallows, anchors, ships, roses, and skulls. Also, there are many other designs like mermaids and love hearts. It is done by a minimal color palette and intense black lines.


Extension of the last style but more popular than the old school style because upgraded drawing and extended color palette. Now artists use splashes of black and gray shading and line art in the most artistic way.


In the modern age, the abstract is a popular style. It is a brush-like style that’s why it feels that the artist did the painting on his client’s skin. These are very delicate yet very loud, done with much more delicacy to make its textured look. Bright colors are used to make flowers, birds and animals, but all black ink is also very famous.

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Lettering tattoo has also been very popular. Getting a song lyric, quote, or signature is a common choice for getting inked; handwritten fonts are often chosen for a more personal tattoo. Lettering tattoos have always been very famous and become unchanged in recent years.


Some guys maybe have an interest in history. Tribal tattoos are made with thick black line art. Tribal tattoos are like a spiritual style of tattooing. Each tattoo has a specific meaning and would have been able to tell you about the wearer’s tribe and family.


It is another very broad term made up of multiple thin lines; dots work Mandalas and geometric designs.


Before choosing to go under the needle, make your mind clear that what exactly you get tattooed on your body and where you can. In my recommendation, start with small tattoos and then inked yourself as much as you like. Take the advice from your tattoo artist; he will guide you better after examining your skin age. It is safer to be tattooed on the places where your clothes can be hidden when you do not want to show as there are some places like an office where you don’t want to show your killer neck tat. Tattoo artists are the professionals; they work with perfection, but aftercare should be done very carefully; your little mistake makes your tattoo fade, or maybe you get infected. It takes up to two to three weeks to heal the top skin layer, so you should take special care for the first two to three weeks. Always wash your hands and your tattoo part with a mild soap, pet dry and then apply a thin layer of any unscented lotion. Avoids scorching and seek medical help if you face any irritation, rash, or bumpy skin around the area where you have the tattoo. Follow the instructions to make it looks beautiful and long-lasting.

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Thanks to science, you can remove your tattoo by laser. It is the most effective and successful procedure to remove, but it takes several weeks or longer, and often, the laser cannot do their job well.

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