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Ever wondered about leveraging a forum as addictive as Instagram for money minting? If you haven’t as yet, perhaps you should. It can be done more effortlessly than you think. Because Instagram is a free marketing platform with a massive audience. It is open for anyone to access. And people spend so much time scrolling through never-ending hashtags of #instafashion, #instadaily, #foodporn, and so on.

When I ventured into online business and created my Insta page about my organic skincare line, all I had was one person to handle the page and get spectrum new service deals. It was a humble start. But without having to invest in marketing my content, today after a year of introducing my products, I have more 50K followers and a great conversion rate.

Instagram allows you to take the benefit of the marketing tools and have an increased cash flow. This particular social media forum is known to have given more power to celebs and influencers. Let’s give you some quick tips and strategies to earn fast using this photo-sharing app!

Mint More Money Using these 5 Tips on Instagram

  1. Optimizing Your Page Bio.
  2. Engage More with Your Audience.
  3. Make Use of the Live Feature of Instagram.
  4. Collab with Influencers and Don’t Miss the Benefits of Instagram Stories.
  5. Stay on Top of the Hashtag Game.

Let’s discuss these.

Optimizing Your Page Bio

We all know that Instagram doesn’t allow adding clickable links in your posts or even comments. You can consider it a major drawback for marketing. The only clickable link that you can incorporate is in your bio. Therefore, optimize your bio in a creative way and so something catchy and amazing with that single clickable link that you have.

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Know that the majority of Instagram users are millennials. Therefore, be considerate of the trends they follow. Millennials and Gen Z are into the user-generated content. They love sharing it. Don’t use that link statically for your website. Keep changing it often and make your audience land on attention-grabbing and your business-relevant content, stories, accounts, user testimonials, and so on.

To create a well-optimized Instagram page/account, consider the following three things essential. Also, use them creatively.

  • A catchy profile image.
  • Concise yet comprehensive descriptive content about your brand.
  • A clickable link.

Engage More with Your Audience

Social media is nothing without its addictive “social” element. Active engagement was perhaps the key factor that made Instagram a trendsetting hit. Consider effective engagement and interaction the first step to a better conversion rate. Wherever your followers/users try to contact you, respond to everything! That’s the straightforward approach. Whether they are tagging you in a post, sending a DM or commenting on your posts, respond them then and there.

While typing your responses, address them by their names and try to give a personalized response. don’t make it sound like a generic reply generated by a chatbot. Make them feel heard and valued. Consider their opinions. Here are some suggestions to consider while interacting with your users.

  • Be welcoming and approachable.
  • Use appropriate emojis.
  • Use appropriate GIFs.
  • Ask a follow-up question.

Make Use of the Live Feature of Instagram

Used Instagram Live by any chance? Make sure you begin using this real-time interaction format introduced by Instagram. Viewers will get a chance to interact with you in real-time. Since Instagram live appears in your story, it erases automatically after a while. This makes it appealing for viewers to catch up.

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Instagram backs you by creating a sense of urgency for your live videos. Your followers will be notified to join the video before it ends. Leverage this feature using these strategies:

  • Big and important announcements.
  • New product launch alerts.
  • Sneak peeks.
  • Teasers about new products/services.
  • Giveaways and contests.
  • Live Q&A sessions.

Collab with Influencers and Don’t Miss the Benefits of Instagram Stories

Influencers are currently ruling Instagram. It is becoming inevitable for brands of every size to collaborate with influencers and send them their products. And it’s in their best advantage. You can get exposure to the millions of people who follow those influencers. Use your stories on Instagram to reveal and create hype about your collabs. The influencers know their job. They will introduce your product/service, use it for their viewers, and give pro tips and hacks to take full advantage of it.

Stay on Top of the Hashtag Game

You are perhaps already engaging with the posts with your brand relevant hashtags. Start using the relevant hashtags under your posts too. Yes, you need to make your feed look crisp, clean and cohesive. Still, your amazing captions need the appropriate and relevant hashtags. This will make your post appear when someone makes a search for a trending hashtag. For instance, if you have a skincare line, your posts should appear when a user looks up a hashtag #nightskincare, #nightskincareroutine, or #nightskincareregimen. It will your products more shop-able and engaging.

On the other hand, if you have a sports shoe brand, work on your hashtags to get better exposure. Use hashtags and captions about ongoing gaming events. If a baseball tournament is going on ACC Network, use a caption related to it. And you can come up with hashtags related to the shoes the players are wearing. It’s just about being more creative.

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