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A locksmith is a person who makes and repairs locks. A locksmith has the ability to make any sort of a lock or repair the old one. In order for a person to become the best locksmith, he should indulge himself in different training programs or work in a locksmith company to develop and polish his skills. A locksmith requires no formal education but the advancement of technology has provided the opportunity to create the best locksmith service for the people.

The most common type of locksmiths are the residential locksmiths who help residence nearly everyday by providing services 24 hours a day. The main thing that people require is convenience so locksmiths have no prepared themselves to work anytime of the day. Even corporate locksmith companies are now providing 24-hour service to its customers.

Residential and Auto Locksmith

A residential locksmith is a person who is specialized in handling the security systems of the house. A residential locksmith will know how to make a new or duplicate key, repair or replace a lock. If someone breaks in your house the first thing you should do is to call the locksmith so that the existing security systems can be replaced. Automobile lock services is also a part of residential locksmith. Locking yourself out of your car has become a common unintentional practice. Locksmiths are now more experienced than ever due to their increasing demand. It is always convenient to have a trustable locksmith service in order to tackle a dangerous situation like locking yourself out of your car at a critical moment such as an emergency. Locksmiths have an arrival time of 30 minutes or less. Residential locksmiths also provide recommendations on how to improve the security of the house.

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Commercial Locksmith

A commercial locksmith helps in providing best locksmith service to businesses, office or schools. Their job is to regulate and maintain the security systems installed. One good example is biometrics security access which are provided by the commercial locksmith. USA complete security is a company which helps by hiring the locksmiths and training them to provide the best locksmith services.


Forensic Locksmith

The most exciting and challenging field of a locksmith is the forensic locksmith. It combines the abilities of an investigator and the skill of a locksmith. Forensic locksmith provides best locksmith service by helping in criminal investigations with the help of special set of tools. The tools help in identifying how a particular lock, security system or key system was hacked.

Institutional Locksmith

Another type is an institutional locksmith. These are people who provide locksmith services to govt facilities, universities, hospitals, school and colleges. They sound similar to commercial locksmiths but the difference is that the institutional locksmiths are a part of a network and they also have to perform other activities of being an employee. A commercial locksmith is employed on contract basis.

Emergency Locksmith

Emergency locksmiths are the type who are available 24 hours a day. Their services are required in critical situations such as an intruder breaking into the house or locking yourself out of your car. Regardless of the time and place they are ready to offer their services any time of the day. They are most specialized in repairing the locks which are destroyed by burglars during a home invasion.

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How to become a Locksmith

In order to become a locksmith, you must

  • Complete a particular training program
  • Take an apprenticeship
  • Get your license in applicable states and districts
  • Work for a locksmith company and develop skills


Due to the change in locking system, locksmiths have become a crucial part of the society. Emergency locksmiths have a greater value then the other type of locksmiths due to their convenience of time and place. However, the demand for residential locksmiths are also increasing since people are now moving towards house automation for better security and convenience. It is always smart to have a number of trusted locksmiths for every situation so that problems are easy to tackle with. Due to increasing demand of locksmiths, they now are able to make $47000 per year.



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