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A WC with concealed cistern is a bathroom piece designed for the cistern and to coincide with the design of the bathroom or other furnishings to produce a minimalist, more sophisticated appearance. It is a combination which allows the buyer to add up feasibility as well as style in the bathroom.

A contemporary touch to the toilet

WC toilet units inevitably seem contemporary; everyone who wants a period bathroom will probably choose a toilet in its traditional style instead of a toilet that hides the tank for a minimal and contemporary look. Contemporary designers can select different styles and finishes to match their other bathroom furniture or choose a model that looks good with their choice of tiles or flooring unless the toilet unit is to be the only piece of bathroom furniture in the room.

Designs as diverse as you might have hoped for: from high gloss tons of white to natural or dark wood, cebrano, and different patterns to black. The top of the unit, like other bathroom furniture, maybe the same or different finish as the sides: a high-gloss white, for example, could fit a contrasting sparkling blacktop. The units are mounted either on the floor or on the wall.

WC units can vary in size among manufacturers, so if a specific space is required – wide or narrow – it is worth moving around. Because the aim of a WC with concealed cistern is to hide all the toilet furniture in the bathroom from view and to keep it from sight. For added durability, any further height, depth, or width will be or will provide additional storage on one or both sides of the toilet.

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Which toilet unit will work?

The width of WC with concealed cistern is much more variable. A typical toilet unit is about 500 mm broad, but larger toilet furniture may be selected for a larger space or may look a bit bigger. Units combining additional storage space on the left or the right (or on both sides) of the toilet can be useful additions to the bathroom and provide a convenient place to store toiletries or cleaning products, for instance.

Regardless of the WC you choose, the cistern and the mounting frame are mostly concealed, and you must select a back-to-wall or wall hanging toilet that you can use. In the general sense of toilet style, you have two options and your cistern. the frame is sold separately and will probably have standard designs.

A toilet hung from the wall (or from a concealed mounting frame within the toilet unit) is hung up as the name suggests. Useful for easy cleaning as well as for the illustration of a larger bathroom, this labouring style keeps your floor clear in general with hung bathroom furniture. Back to the wall toilets are slightly more conventional because they carry the floor; this style is more suitable for bathroom furniture standing on the floor.

Ending note

Depth and height differ from item to item: A toilet unit usually has a height of between 770 and 800 mm and maybe a bit less. Consider the projection of the toilet you choose and the depth of the toilet itself because depth may be a problem in your bathroom. You will find different kinds of savers that can be placed in both sizes with a combination of slim-line WC with concealed cistern and it will provide you with the greatest floor space savings on the front toilet area.

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Lastly, just make sure that you select your WC unit from a reliable retailer in the market. Prefer to get from any online source where you can be offered with free home delivery and discount coupons. For example, the Royal bathrooms in UK. Reach them!

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