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Hair conditioning is nothing but boosting hydration. The thick and velvety texture of a conditioner results from how the hair would feel post-application of the conditioner. And who doesn’t love that? This formulation’s ability to lock in moisture helps treat dryness and frizz, prevent split-ends, correct texture, improve smoothness, and nourish hair shafts with nutrients for healthy and voluminous hair growth. Hence, including a hair conditioner in your hair care regime is essential to better hair health.  

Busting Hair Conditioner Myths

Despite its many amazing attributes, hair conditioners are often avoided by people with oily skin scalp the same way they avoid moisturizers. We apply moisturizer or conditioner so that our body doesn’t get alarmed by the lack of moisture content and jumps to over-production mode, which though is underlined by good intent, is never good.

Oily scalps attract dust, free radicals, and dandruff that, when combined, lead to itchy, irritated, and dry scalp. Now what one needs to understand is conditioners don’t cause oily scalp because they are not supposed to be applied to the scalp in the first place. You apply it at the tips and rinse off, so there is no direct relation to the scalp or roots whatsoever.

Benefits Of Using Hair Conditioner

  1. Refortifies Cuticles – When hair is exposed to pollution, UV light, dust, and free radical damage, the cuticle or outer-lining shrinks or gets damaged. This leads to thinning and breakage, which causes split-ends. Hair conditioner masks the hair with a protective coating to assist the cuticle, allowing hair to grow long and not break easily. Also, when split-ends are not addressed early, they tend to spread and move towards the roots, which then causes premature hair loss.
  2. More Manageable Hair – Using a hair conditioner makes it easier to comb through without having to tug and cause breakage.
  3. Soften & Detangle Hair – The moisturizing ingredients in a hair conditioner softens hair shafts, allowing them to detangle easily and effortlessly.
  4. Increase Shine – Hair conditioners that use natural emollients like coconut and glycerin promote shine and glossiness without using artificial silicones or shine enhancers.
  5. Reduces Frizz – Cleansing hair with shampoo causes static which is controlled with the help of a conditioner. Ingredients like argan and shea in hair conditioners also help tame natural frizz for dry hair types.
  6. Improves Compromised Texture – Everybody is in for chemical treatments, and while there are far safer ways to straighten or curl hair, it is still damaging to the cuticles as the chemicals draw out moisture, leaving the hair dry and dehydrated. Also, heat is still used directly on the hair, which causes hair burns. Hair conditioner helps repair bonds by soothing and increasing hydration content in hair shafts.
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What To Avoid When Choosing A Hair Conditioner

Silicones, Silicones & not to mention Silicones. Most brands allow the use of silicones, mineral oil, and artificial fragrance to get direct and fast results of the spa equivalent of silky smooth and nice smelling hair. The truth is you can get the same result using natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic silicones that increase build-up. And prevent hair from being moisturized with natural oils on the scalp, and ultimately cause dryness. So, watch out for anything ending with suffixes like cone, cane, col, conol, xane, for example: Amodimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, etc.

What Happens When You Stop Using a Hair Conditioner?

Honestly? It won’t work in your favor.

If you stop using a hair conditioner, your hair will lose luster, elasticity, and moisture. It will be more susceptible to breakage, split-ends, and dull, dull-looking hair. So, use it in small quantities, just around the tips and just enough to get it bouncing with life.

When it comes to taming frizzy hair, there are plenty of trends and buzzwords. But sometimes classics must work best when it comes to fighting frizz and providing nourishment.

Mamaearth’s range of hair conditioners is time-tested with natural ingredients that nourish hair and control frizz. The enriching formulas are power-packed with antioxidants and humectants that restore the hair’s natural elasticity and volume. Mamaearth has incorporated the goodness of Rice Water, Argan, Tea Tree, Onion, BhringAmla, Avocado, etc. That works effectively to combat split ends, prevent hair loss, and restore the scalp’s pH balance. The hair conditioners are dermatologically tested, suitable for all hair types, have no harsh chemicals, and are free of Silicones, Parabens, Sulfates, Mineral Oil & Artificial Fragrance.

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