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Plenty of people will use the term “face mask,” assuming that it will apply to any type of face covering out there, but that is simply not the case. The case is that there are different classes of face coverings that are specifically designed to protect the wearer from very particular hazards.

For example, a face shield is designed to protect a wearer’s eyes from respiratory droplets and spit. It will protect the user’s eyes surprisingly well, but it does very little to protect the wearer’s nose and mouth. Yet, though it would not be called a face mask, it is a face covering.

As the need to protect one’s self has risen in importance recently, there are two types of facial coverings that have become fairly popular. Surgical face masks and respiratory masks, such as N95 masks have become surprisingly common. These two facial coverings are designed to protect the wearer from airborne particles and particulate matter such as respiratory droplets that can contain viruses and bacteria, but they are not the same.

While surgical masks do provide a reasonable degree of protection against airborne particles in the form of a barrier, they are not designed to effectively filter very small particles – and are not well adapted to filtration along the edge of the mask, which is open. With that in mind, they are affordable, disposable, easy to use, and reasonably effective, which makes their use popular and widespread.

Then there are respiratory masks, such as an N95 disposable mask, that provide a much more advanced level of protection against fine airborne particles. N95 masks are designed differently from surgical face masks and that makes up much of the difference between them.

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For example, N95 masks contain a NIOSH approved N95 respirator, also called an N95 filter, which is also approved by the FDA as a surgical mask. An N95 mask, even N95 disposable masks, offer a much tighter fit around the nose and mouth. That provides a better physical barrier against particulate matter such as dust and oil-based particles, but the advantages of an N95 mask don’t end there.

The N95 filter mentioned above is also capable of removing 95% of the particulate contaminants in the air, making it one of the most effective respiratory masks available. That also means, by extension, that a disposable N95 version is one of the most effective disposable particulate respirators available.

These types of masks, as mentioned, have become increasingly prevalent in recent months, and though disposable surgical masks are effective at preventing the spread of airborne diseases, disposable respirators like some N95 masks are some of the most effective options. The key differences can be summarized by the following recapitulation. Surgical masks provide a reasonable barrier between a wearer’s nose, mouth, and the environment. N95 masks offer a much better fit around the nose and mouth, as well as a respiratory filter that is NIOSH approved.

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