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Applications on the windows store are different from the normal desktop application. Applications from the app store are not allowed to collect the information from other applications or they can know about the other applications installed. Applications from app stores have to rely on the other processes to show their content on the screen and use a separate window by using Application Frame Host. Application Frame Host runs in the background using the small amount of memory to run comfortably.

What it Application Frame Host process

Application Frame Host process is a 62 KB file that is used to display Windows Applications that does not depend on the device i.e. if you are using desktop mode or tablet mode. Many times, you will see that this process is consuming lots of memory and CPU. If you see the process consuming an excessive amount of memory then you can end the process from the Task Manager.

ApplicationFrameHost.exe consuming excessive resources

If the Application Frame Host process is taking more memory, CPU and resources that you should update your windows, and system files checker. If you choose to kill the process then this will be the temporary solution and will occur again.

Why Application Frame Host process Using CPU and Memory?

Application Frame Host process on Windows

Application Frame Host process should use a minimal amount of memory, and CPU is a normal use of a PC and should run in the background. This Application Frame Host process should use less that 1 % of the CPU when Universal Windows Platform is launched and should come to 0 when its work is finished, however, some time it may go up to 20.8 MB of memory.

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There are some reports in which it is seen that the Application Frame Host process is using an excessive amount of resources and it is unclear what is causing this problem. It is suggested that this problem is caused by a bug in the Windows itself. If you see the Application Frame Host process taking excessive resources then you can end the process from the Task Manager.

If the problem still persists you can repair application frame host, by updating the Windows, run different scans, or at last resetting the Windows.

How to fix ApplicationFrameHost.exe

Application Frame Host process should not pose a problem in a new and clean PC. A clean PC is a system that is cleaned regularly using the sfc/scannow, malware scans, and uninstalling the applications that are no longer needed.

You also have to keep check of the applications you are installing on your system and you also have to check the application auto starting. By installing Windows updates regularly will also help you to keep the system in good health.

If your system shows some sign of problems then you have to check the last operations you have performed and check the last applications you have installed. You can check the process that is causing the problem using Resource Monitor, you can open the Resource Monitor using “resmon” command. In case if all fails you have to reinstall Windows or restore your windows to previous state.

You can always check the Application Frame Host process from the Task Manager. You can also check other processes from the Task Manager.

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Also we suggest you to run a complete antivirus scan that will help you to identify and remove any infections from your system and resolve the issue.

Can I remove or delete ApplicationFrameHost.exe?

It is not advisable to delete any Windows executable files without any reason. If deleted they may affect other applications and other installed programs. You have to make sure that your system is up to date and free from infections so that you do not face any problem in using it. Keep your Windows and other applications updated.

There are many instances in which a virus named ApplicationFrameHost.exe will get on your system and will pose a threat to it. In which case you have to run an antivirus scan and remove the virus. Virus scan is necessary because we cannot know that ApplicationFrameHost.exe is genuine or not due to the same name.

If ApplicationFrameHost.exe is a virus then you can remove it without any problem.

What software to use for resolving ApplicationFrameHost.exe issues?

There is many PC optimization software available, however, we suggest you to use Advanced System Optimizer 3 which is one of the best PC optimization tools you can find. This program can resolve other system problems also as this program has different optimization tools.

As you can see from the image this software has all the PC optimizations tools. You can update the drivers, clean the system and perform other tasks to keep your system in good health. Using this program should solve any problems you are facing with ApplicationFrameHost.exe on your system.

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This simple tool will help you to keep your system in good health and optimized.

Final Verdict

Issues with ApplicationFrameHost.exe is not a major problem, however, if you face the problem with it that it may hinder the working of your systems. This may become very annoying, however you can easily repair application frame host by following simple steps.

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