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Where ever you live in the United States, there is always a high chance that your house would have become a victim of adverse weather conditions over the years, right? It doesn’t matter whether is a hurricane, heavy rainfall, hailstorm, tornadoes, or high-speed wind; such storms will wreak havoc on the rooftop along with the other exterior surfaces of the house. To be honest, there is not much that you can do about roof damage either.

Different Types Of Storm Damages

In this article, we’ll be discussing the different types of roof storm damages. Along with that, we’ll also shed some light on what you need to do after your rooftop has become a victim of it. So, it is requested that you keep reading until the end to get the most out of it.

The Wind Damage:

A wind storm can cause a lot of visible damage to the rooftop if they’re between 34 – 54 mph and more. The high-speed wind has enough power to tear the shingles right off the roof while leaving parts of the roof such as underlayment, the roof deck, or the waterproofing exposed to all the external elements.

However, when less severe wind storms occur, the intense gust of wind can without much of a stretch curl the shingles. Keep in mind that whenever shingles are installed on the rooftop, they are overlapped in order to make a waterproof seal. The lifting or the curling will make this seal void. And then you can expect your rooftop to become more vulnerable to the wind and rainfall.

The Hailstorm Damage:

Although that hailstorms are relatively short (they do not last more than 15 minutes on overage). The hailstorm can leave dents in the shingles pretty easily. Also, they can leave the shingles granules loose.

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This is considered to be a problematic situation because the shingles and the granules protect the rooftop alongside rain and hailstorm. What else, the hailstorm damage will also ruin the visual curb of the rooftop surface.

The Standing Water Damage:

One of the most common causes of roof damage is standing water due to rainstorms or flooding. This usually occurs in an uneven area.

The clogged drain pipes can also cause the rainwater to back up underneath the rooftop shingles. This’ll allow a lot of moisture to penetrate the underlayment and thus, you’ll start to see water stains on the walls and even the ceiling.

Though water seems to look harmless, in reality, it can cause a lot of damage within a short time.

The Debris Damage:

It doesn’t matter if the storm’s severity was significant or not, debris will eventually land on the top of your rooftop. The debris can be anything from the small branches of the trees to large tree limbs. Remember that the larger objects will dent the surface of the shingles which will leave the affected area more vulnerable to water penetration and moisture.

Whereas, the small or lighter branches will not bring in much harm to the rooftop.

The Rooftop Damage Checklist

Now that you know the common reasons for rooftop damage, it is time for us to shed some light on the “What To Do After A Storm Damages Your Roof”.

Hire A Roof Inspector

Whenever your house becomes a victim of roof damage, you should not consider hiring cheap roofing companies in Houston TX right away for fixing the issues. Your first move should be to hire a professional roof inspector. A reliable roof inspector will be able to help you determine the overall damage of your rooftop.

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A roofing inspector will inspect:

The Roof:

Do you know that even you can assess the damage done to your rooftop? However, it is not highly suggested that you start to walk over the roof and taking note of the visible damage. This is because walking on the roof can further damage the shingles.

A roofing inspector will carefully inspect the condition of the roof, take pictures, and provide you with a detailed report. The images of the damaged roof will helpful when you’ll claim insurance.

The Rain Gutters And Vents:

The roofing inspector will also check the rooftop for dents. Not only will he search for dents on the rooftop, but also on and around the rain gutters, vents, and windows. Yes, the windows of the house also need to be inspected for cracks, broken glass, or torn screens. If either one is damaged, you’ll have to hire the top leading companies near you to fix it promptly. You’ll also want to check your rain gutters to make sure they’re free of debris and clogs – you can find great services for rain gutters Las Vegas to make sure your roof is in top condition.

The Exterior Side:

A professional roofing inspector will walk around the exterior side of the house and look for fallen tree branches, missing fence, or any other damage done to the exterior side of the house. Whereas, the flat surfaces such as the deck and the patios need to be thoroughly checked for hailstorm damage.

The Ceiling And The Attic:

When it comes to roof damage, you need to carefully inspect the ceiling and the attic for water stains. There is a chance that there might be no visible damage to the exterior side of the house, but the ceiling and attics have started to show water stains.

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The water stains that you see after rainfall is an alarming situation. Water damage should never be taken lightly. As a matter of fact, water roof damage should be addressed as quickly as possible.

Bottom Line

All in all, when your house becomes a victim of roof damage, you need to quickly hire one of the best roofing professionals to inspect the condition of your roof. This way you’ll be able to address all the issues with the roof as quickly as possible.

You should take time and hire one of the top roofing companies to inspect and repair the rooftop. A good place to start research for roofing companies is word of mouth. Ask your close friends and family members to recommend a company that they’ve had a chance to work with. If they don’t suggest a company, you can always conduct online research yourself.

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