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When you’re decorating your Calgary home, you want every detail to reflect your personality and lifestyle. Window coverings are often an afterthought, with quick off-the-shelf purchases from a big box home décor store or online discount designer. However, window coverings deserve so much more consideration. They are the finishing touch that brings a room together.

They can be used to add colour, texture and to control the way the light comes into a room. They also soften sharp edges of windows or bring attention to architectural details such as arches, stained glass or window seats and shelving. Because window coverings are so important, custom window coverings are a surefire way to get exactly what you want. Here’s why you should go with custom window coverings for your home.

Polished Aesthetic

Well-decorated rooms pay attention to every detail. From the smooth transitions of your colour palette to the perfectly chosen chair by the fireplace and from the framed artwork on your walls to the area rugs on your floor, to achieve a polished aesthetic, you must choose the right fabrics, textures and colours for every element in the room. Custom window coverings are tailor-made to achieve that polished aesthetic that defines a space and creates a sense of style.

They are made to measure for the same tailored fit, cut, and detailing of a well-tailored, bespoke suit. Nothing compares to the quality of customized window coverings. Superior workmanship and materials create long-lasting, durable, perfectly fit window coverings worth every penny.

A Room of Your Own

When you go with custom furnishings and window coverings, you achieve a totally unique look. This is the best way to reflect your personal taste and personality. Whether you want a refined, elegant look, a whimsical, casual look or a rustic country charm look, the details of your custom window coverings help you achieve it seamlessly.

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From the simplicity of customized blinds for a modern kitchen window to the elegance of rich fabrics complete with sharp, defined pleats in your living room, you can create the look you want to reflect your sense of style. You choose the colours, pattern, design details, specialty cuts and other unique features that make your window coverings 100% you.

Increased Resale Value

Well-chosen window coverings in a neutral palette provide the ideal backdrop for homebuyers. They want a home with a neutral palette that is move-in ready.  Because customized window coverings create a polished, finished look to a space, they instantly update a room, so your home looks well-cared for. This translates into dollars and cents when it comes time to sell. Your home will stand out thanks to the custom design details you so carefully choose.

Expert Advice

Customized window coverings include a consultation with a design expert. Their opinion and experience are invaluable resources you won’t find at your big box home décor store. Instead, you receive an in-home consultation where you discuss your design ideas and receive input based on your windows, your design scheme and other design elements in the room. Every detail is carefully considered as the design consultant reviews your options. Samples are available to compare, touch and hold up to your walls, and other fabrics in the room. The result is a collaboration between you and your design expert for perfectly chosen window coverings that help define your space.

Your home is your sanctuary. You work hard and deserve a beautiful space you can enjoy. Custom window coverings help you achieve your idyllic retreat. In other words, you’re worth it.

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If you would like a consultation with our Custom Window Coverings experts, give us a call today. Call us today to book a free consultation at 403-452-3999.

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