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When someone close to you passes on, you need to mourn him or her by writing sympathy messages to the bereaved. To anyone, writing a funeral sympathy message is not an easy task because it is emotionally stressful. Funding the right word to express what you are feeling inside is very difficult. You need to ensure that your sympathy message is comforting, empathetic, and supportive. It takes a piece of your heart to pay your last respect to the deceased because it drains you emotionally. Including funeral flowers in your condolences is also a nice gesture. 

Your words may not get rid of the pain the bereaved are feeling, but they will surely give them the strength they need to carry on. It makes the bereaved feel cared for and loved. If you just got the sad news about a loved one or a friend who has lost someone and you are confused about what to write in your funeral sympathy message, we have compiled several messages to give you thoughtful funeral sympathy messages. Continue reading to get inspired. 

Knowing What To Write in a Funeral Sympathy Message 

Knowing exactly what to write in a sympathy card is very important if you intend to comfort the bereaved. When they read your funeral message, they must quickly tell you that you are mourning with them. You can also send your funeral with your memorial gift; therefore, think of what the bereaved would want to hear in times like this and the exact words they would feel loved and cared for. Sometimes, you may not say anything because you feel like you don’t have the right comforting words. That is understandable because of the sorrow brought about by the loss. The important thing is being physically there to support them during their grieving moments. All they need here is a few words of hope that will light up their way during this very dark moment.

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Below are several funeral sympathy messages that will serve as guidelines for composing your funeral message to warm up the suffering heart. You can use them as they are, or you can include your own words to make it special. You won’t have a hard time writing a sympathy message if you know exactly what you want to say and address.

Examples of Thoughtful Funeral Sympathy Messages 

Whether the funeral message expresses the sorrow you are feeling deep inside, sharing memories that you had with the departed one, or acknowledge the feelings of others; all these have to be put in a few simple words. This will allow you to keep the story short and precise. Choosing the right sympathy words allows you to be brief and straight to the point. With these few examples of funeral sympathy messages, you will be brief and use the right words. Funeral flowers can help you express yourself more vividly if you can’t find the right words. 

Examples of Funeral Sympathy Messages

“I am deeply sorry for the loss of (name). As you grieve, know that her/his memory will forever remain in our hearts.”

“We’ll remember (name) in many positive ways. She/he had a big smile, and a great sense of humor always kept us happy with her funny stories.”

“The pain of losing (name) is great, but the memories he/she left behind are much greater. In case you need any support, you can count on us for anything you need.”

“We want you to know that we are sorry for your loss. We honor and celebrate the life of (name), and we are mourning him/her with you in this very dark moment.”

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“My heart goes out to you and your family. Even though I lack the words to express my sorrow, I want you to know that my thoughts are with you all in those trying moments. May God grant you peace as you grieve this big loss.”

“We were caught unawares when we received the news of our departed colleague. As you grieve, may the Almighty God give you the strength to pull through. May his/her soul rest in eternal peace.”


Losing a loved one is inevitable; that is why we always have to be ready to support and be with grieving their loved ones. Since death doesn’t choose, you will also need their support should the same happen to you. We hope that this post has inspired you to find the right words to include in your funeral massage

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