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Indonesia, with its humming metropolis, holy temples, beautiful rainforests, magnificent volcanoes, along with also a bounty of marine life; the 4th most populous nation on earth, gives passengers a million reasons to not skip it.

Even though first-timers frequently flock to the shores of Bali, there are loads of brilliant areas to locate elsewhere within this vast Southeast Asian country. Every one of those 17,508 islands is exceptional, and life will not be sufficient to tick all Indonesia’s gems from your wishlist.

If you are trying to observe a few of these highlights, then read our guide about 10 of the most magnificent regions you may see in Indonesia.

1. Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Possessing several overwhelming scenic landscapes, this park is an iconic location and nearly just like a billboard for tourism in Indonesia. Be ready to discuss this area with several different travellers because it’s the most visited location on the island of Java. Nevertheless, this should not dissuade you from seeing this stunning sight.

The natural beauty lies inside the sunrise, once the peaks of Mt. Bromo, Mt. Batok, and the backdrop towering Mt. Semeru show themselves at the initial daylight. Several viewpoints allow you to soak up the unbelievable scenery, such as Mt. Penanjakan along with King Kong Hill. To take a look in the steaming mouth of Mt. Bromo itself, climb the staircase into the crater rim, and then watch the steam gushing profound beneath. The top edge of this crater is the ideal setting to take some memorable pictures.

2. Gili Islands

From an aerial view, this tiny tropical archipelago appears like a series of sandbars with colourful vegetation at the centre. This island collection west of Lombok is famous among backpackers, not simply because of its pubs and booze cruises. The Gilis are magnetic due to their shores, legendary sunsets, and all living animals beneath the sea surface.

The most oversized island, Gili Trawangan, is blessed with amazing beaches. Head over to Sunset Beach for your Fantastic Instagram shot; influence across the sea onto a wooden swing, even while the sun warms over Mount Agung on Bali from the backdrop.

The new spectacle lies submerged, particularly around Gili Meno. The Gilis are proven to be home to a number of the very tender sea animals: turtles. The odds are high that you will experience green sea turtles or even hawksbill turtles. Floating alongside the gradually grazing turtles makes it worth travelling into the Gilis lonely for.

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3. Kawah Ijen

Java is carved from the forces of nature, and Kawah Ijen is an excellent illustration of the magic it could produce. Kawah Ijen is a stratovolcano standing at 2769 meters; its crater is also located in a highly acidic lake. By Ijen basecamp, you’re able to endeavour a rough hike into the crater rim, then descend into the poisonous lake. The grey-green colour of these lakes is extraordinary and contrasts beautifully with the yellowish inside of the mountain.

Kawah Ijen is a lively sulphur mine, and you’re going to see miners bear massive baskets with sulphur around the summit. When moving to the lake, wear a gas mask, such as sulphurous vapour and gases, which cause a terrible odour and irritation of the eyes.

4. Komodo National Park

This nature reserve between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores provides far more than simply exciting experiences with the colossal lizard it has been named later. Komodo National Park receives very little rain, which ends in an arid landscape you won’t find everywhere in Indonesia.

Wherever you go in Komodo, then you will be amazed at its pure beauty. Head to the perspective on Padar Island, from where you look back on mountain peaks, inlets, and sandy shores. Watch the first picture in this guide to find out what we mean.

The diving and snorkelling in Komodo National Park are all world-class. Kanawa Island is famous because of its turtles and coral in shallow depths, while Manta Point is your most effective underwater destination to observe that the amiable manta rays. Batu Bolong, Yellow Wall and Crystal Rock have magnificent coral gardens, big fish, reef sharks, and odds are you may even spot a dolphin. Get Southwest Airlines Reservations to get special offers on vacation packages & cheap air fares to Indonesia.

5. Lake Toba

This lake, situated on the island of Sumatra, was made following a vast volcanic eruption about 75,000 decades back. Aside from the stunning scenery, you will discover about that basin at the northwest of Sumatra, the elevation of 900 meters causes ease of pollution and humidity from these Indonesian cities.

The largest volcanic lake in the world is best explored by motorbike to get a unique view — from a kayak. Even a few kayak paths permit you to learn more about the traditional tribal villages and surrounding mountains.

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Among the very best places to see is your Sipoholon Hot Springs, a scenic bundle of all pools. Due to minerals and a high concentration of sulphur, these springs’ colours are equally bizarre and stunning.

6. Lorentz National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Website, the biggest national park in Southeast Asia, the only area in Indonesia with snow and glaciers; superlatives are not sufficient to perform the standing of the book justice. At 4884 meters over sea level, Puncak Jaya is the eye-catcher of Lorentz National Park and the Maximum mountain between the Himalayas and Andes. It is possible to conquer this mythical summit, a teenager of a life that leads to tropical woods into wetlands and soggy earth.

Another attraction of Lorentz National Park is that the prosperity of the unspoiled jungle, which will meet the requirements of every nature enthusiast. This UNESCO park is a joy for birdwatchers; photogenic species from the dense forests comprise crowned pigeons and birds of heaven.

7. Raja Ampat

Indonesia is a part of this Coral Triangle, an Essential reef program in the seas of their Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Few dive destinations in the world can compete with Raja Ampat as it comes to species of coral and fish. On and around the reefs of this gorgeous dive destination in Papua reside over 550 species of hard coral reefs and over 1400 species of fish, which makes it among the most diverse regions in the world.

The diving is fantastic everywhere within this archipelago, but specific dive sites stand out much more. Descend to the magical universe of Cape Kri, the record-holding website for many fish species during one dip: 283. In Blue Magic, you will be surrounded by big fish such as barracudas, manta rays, and sea snakes. Chicken Reef is a beautiful place to discover modest fish species along with terrific corals, but you will probably encounter sharks too.

8. Seram Island

The Maluku Province does not appear on many places-to-go lists, but the simple fact that it has been flying beneath the tourist radar is a good thing. The central island of Maluku is named Seram, and this is blessed with plenty of nature.

Manuela National Park is a prime place for trekkings if you would like to go through the hills, jungle, and many endemic bird species and species of this island. Another highlight of the park is that the Hatusaka Cave, the most profound cave system from Indonesia thus far.

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True adventurers can examine their endurance during a trip to the summit of Mount Binaiya; in 3027 meters, it’s the maximum summit on Seram Island. The cloud forests and unbelievable wildlife around this summit make the arduous trek quite rewarding.

9. Sumba

South of Flores is located in Sumba, a comparatively unexplored island. But this does not mean Sumba should be skipped; the most magnificent beaches and waterfalls create this destination very alluring.

Conventional shore destinations in Indonesia comprise Bali and Lombok, but it is difficult to discount Sumba as it comes to picture-perfect oceanfronts; by the substantial stone formations on Watu Malado Beach into the natural stone arch on Bwanna Beach and the secluded cove of Mandorak Beach.

Sumba may be dubbed the waterfall capital of Indonesia; the turquoise pools and green environment of Matayangu Falls and Lapopu Falls are just magnificent, and this is your multi-level fall of Lokomboro Falls. Scattered across Sumba, you will discover lots of other scenic waterfalls.

10. Tanjung Puting National Park

Being one of the biggest islands on earth and using century-old cloud forests, Borneo can not be left behind with this listing. On the south shore, you will find Tanjung Putting National park, a conservation area that steps 4150 square kilometres and is the natural habitat of orangutans. There is plenty to see in this massive park using its swamps, mangroves, rivers, and rainforests.

The beautiful approach to research Tanjung Putting is by ship cruise. Sail across the Bornean seas with opportunities to see orangutans, clouded leopards, the strange proboscis monkeys, and six other parasitic species. If you are out of luck and do not detect any wild orangutans, then you may go to the camps of this Orangutan Foundation. This nonprofit organisation takes good care of previously captivated creatures and releases them back to the wild.

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