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Chopta Valley is located in Rudraprayag district in Ukhimath town in the northern region, Uttarakhand. Also known as The Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand is the tourist spot that is still unexplored surrounded by lush green pastures and meadows, beautiful scenic views of waterfalls and Himalayan peaks covered with snow. The region is also part of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary and is famous for its adventurous activities like trekking, camping, bird watching and stargazing.

Attraction Of Chopta

The picturesque view of the valley abandons the stress the individual goes through in their day to day lives which is worth living and makes you feel alive and refreshed. The main purpose to attract tourists to visit Chopta is the serene beauty of the valley that is attractive and is rich in flora and fauna. Every activity you do in Chopta valley is always memorable. Activities like trekking on Himalayan peaks with snow-covered or camping in an open-air watching the beauty of the natural world as well as enjoying dance and music around the bonfire.  

Trekking in Chopta leads you to the path to Deoria Tal. while trekking on mountain peaks, you will discover charming views of the lake rushing beneath the Chaukhamba peak. The water is plain and as clear as a crystal surrounded by fertile thick forests. The trekking is very exciting and the path that leads to the top of the peak is always pleasing. 

Camping in Chopta beneath the configuration of stars, cost and cool breeze with sounds of lake water rushing is an experience of lifetime. A trip to Chopta is worth going and an escape to stress we go through in our daily lives. 

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People in their daily activities are more prone to stress which leads them to suffer serious health issues. Unwanted stress, losing their loved ones, hard times in relationships, household, financial debts, other health issues, losing jobs & businesses are hurdles that everyone faces. Taking charge of issues that we face is a motivation that teaches us to never give up and restart your journey again. Travelling can also be used as means of distracting yourself. People who are fond of travelling and feel close to mother nature are always relaxing and calms your mind and soul. 

How to plan a trip from Delhi to Chopta

Chopta is 450kms away from Delhi. There are three ways you can travel from Delhi to Chopta.

By Air: The nearest airport to Chopta Valley is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. From there you can directly book a cab for Chopta or Uttarakhand bus services are also provided from Rishikesh to Rudraprayag then a cab to Chopta. 

By Bus: To catch a direct bus, look for a bus which drops you directly to Ukhimath or Guptkashi and then a cab to Chopta which is 45-48kms away from Ukhimath or Guptkashi. Or else a direct bus to Haridwar/ Rishikesh then a bus to Rudraprayag or Ukhimath. From there share a taxi/ jeep or hire a taxi for your own till Chopta.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Haridwar or Dehradun Railway Station. Book tickets from Delhi to Haridwar. Then get a bus to Rishikesh to Rudraprayag or Ukhimath and hire a taxi till Chopta. 

Resorts In Chopta

We often avoid staying in resorts due to high prices. To pay a decent amount the staff of the resorts make sure that they provide the best services that their customers deserve. The management makes sure that their customers have a comfortable stay and get all facilities with royal care. Everything from your laundry to your meals, the staff will take care of everything. The team understands well and is committed to keeping their practices aligned on making their customer’s me-time a memorable one. There are resorts in Chopta near Chandrashila that deliver finite stay options from mudhouse to camps, tents, luxurious and deluxe rooms. Due to no electricity in the region, the district runs on solar power that leads to not being able to provide world-class, luxurious facilities and services to their customers. But there are best stays in Chopta that provide resorts at affordable prices and serve good food made with local ingredients. It is worth going to Chopta to experience pleasant village walks towards the resort and enjoy astonishing views of the valley.

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Best time to visit Chopta 

It is a great place to visit at any time of the year. The summer season in Chopta Valley is warm, sunny, and pleasant whereas, in winters, the place pleases you with its greenery and is icy-cold. During this season, sitting around a bonfire enjoying music and dance is a bonus. 


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