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The house model with modern beauty is fully displayed in the design of the 10 house models below with marble tiles Miami USA Collection. It will be faulty if you build a house without referring to the most popular house models, not only applying new distribution methods but also houses following the latest aesthetics. The variety of townhouse designs is a bonus for later builders, but creating personal impressions is also somewhat difficult. Making the beauty of these houses is the idea that comes from the host family. Let learn “10 Most Beautiful And Modern Designer Designs” about each home model below, to make your built home more perfect.

Show house first

With the advantage of the construction area, the architect chooses the design method of the front of the house with a special model only for houses with a minimum of 7m frontage. And with 8 m of facade, the beauty of this architectural style becomes even more perfect. By separating the house into 2 different blocks, the unique asymmetry together with the expansion of the space on the left side with the small hallway has made the house more eye-catching.

The preferred materials are paving stones and wood cladding in order to maintain the beauty of the facade over time while increasing the elegance of the facade of the house, as well as the facade of the house. The owner is skillfully used in the design of this 3-story home.

Sample House 2

Also with familiar materials, but the different layout and colors give a completely different feel compared to the first home model. The rustic and old design of the second model of 3-story house is another story. The story comes from the owner of the house who likes to remember the past, along with the habit of simplifying everything.

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Owned by an introverted owner, but not to make the home design dated and boring. The open architecture is applied quite smoothly in the house. Not only is visibility extended to common spaces, but private spaces are also expanded. The aesthetics of the façade further impress the family and everyone around them when using 1-way glass stickers. Such as a mirror coat that reflects the beautiful landscape outside, adding to the overall beauty. The interior space is more discreet, the members can still see the exterior landscape, but the exterior cannot see the interior life.

Sample House 3

A modern home model represents an exclusive design for a house in the west with the direct influence of sunlight. The lamination system with the main task is to reduce the harmful effects of sunlight, but its other task is also extremely important which is to create an aesthetic value for the house because the lamination system is located at the front of the house, for what not only designs. it should be beautiful, along with a harmonious combination among other motifs.

Sample House 4

Create a new sensation through the uniqueness of the ceiling architecture. The story that the owner wants to bring to the viewer is his personality in his personality. Wanting to make a difference compared to the street house models that are emerging. Identifying with a unique roof are the decorative layers of wood scattered on each floor of the house.

Sample House 5

Suited for homeowners who love simplicity, this 3-story home does not pursue unique and sophisticated architecture, but instead aims for the durability of simple designs, elegant colors, and less dated. For the moment.

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Sixth model house

The house is more luxurious when it is raised higher than the common ground. Warm and luxurious colors are the main feelings that the owner wants to express. The use of wood for exterior finishes has stood out in the design. Try to expand the space as much as possible so that ventilation is always guaranteed as a common point of townhouse designs that you need to consider when applying in your home.

Sample House 7

Beauty comes from science and reasonableness in creating blocks for the house. The building blocks and floors are light and create a unique impression. Not picky about colors and finishing materials, but thanks to the support of greenery. The facade of the house is beautiful. It is a home template that represents a simple open style.

Sample House 8

Modern, youthful are words used to describe a home owned by a young couple. The dominant white has helped to highlight the highlights that the architect wants to show. The white painted iron bars combined with the strong black color of the stone. It creates a youthful and uplifting feel that the owner wants to show more fully.

Sample House 9

Neutral colors, focused on the durability of building materials, along with the open and simplified trend that 2021 aspires to. With the main use demand of 2 floors with Ceramic tiles in Dubai UAE collection, but to ensure greater comfort, the owner has decided to add the 3rd floor as front terrace and rear drying patio.

House model 10

This 3-storey house model will be the optimal choice for those. Who love nature and want to fully immerse themselves in nature. Tempered glass used as a barrier between nature and human life in the home. To help homeowners see the outside landscape to the fullest.

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