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Smartphones so rapidly burst into our lives that not everyone had time to study what they are truly capable of. In addition, progress does not stand still and constant updates make these devices omnipotent.

We believe that you can make some tasks much easier for yourself by learning a couple of tricks in Android, and we suggest you familiarize yourself with some of them. Like if you are using Zong super weekly plus offer then you need to switch on the data limit otherwise your package will be exhausted very soon.

In the menu of the latest Android versions, there is an item “Clone Application”, where you can duplicate the desired application with one click. The clone is useful for those who use the same social network under different accounts. For those whose Android version does not support this function, there is a special cloning program.

Download video and audio from YouTube

By default, Google hides apps with the option to download YouTube videos from its official store. But there are also third-party developers. Some have already proven themselves well, others are new. The principle of their work is the same: either provide a link to the video or find it in the application.

Turning your smartphone into a scale

It turns out that a small item or product in a store can be weighed using a special application that turns your smartphone into a scale. Install, calibrate with a small airbag, or an object whose weight is known in advance (such as a coin), and you’re done!

One-click dual window mode

Enabling Safe Mode

This mode is needed to debug the system and remove third-party applications that interfere with the correct operation of the phone. On your phone or tablet, press and hold the power button. A menu will appear with options, press and hold the Power Off or Power Off window. When prompted to enter Safe Mode, click OK.

Using offline maps

Mobile internet in roaming is very expensive. What about orientation on the ground? Download maps to your phone, turn off mobile Internet but leave GPS on. Your location on offline maps will be determined via satellite without wasting traffic.

Pay with a smartphone instead of a card

Thanks to the NFC modules built into many phone models, you can link your bank cards to an account in the corresponding system ( Android Pay or Apple Pay ). You can pay through electronic payment systems in thousands of stores – wherever contactless payments are accepted.

A scanner that is always at hand

You can scan any document, text, or photo using your smartphone’s camera. This will be helped by special applications that not only recognize the document but also save it to the cloud storage and send it to the desired addressee.

Unlimited search

Thanks to Google apps, you can try to find anything you want. Its peculiarity is that instead of search queries, you use your smartphone’s camera. Especially if you have my Telenor Djuice offer then it’s also the same, you can enjoy unlimited searches. It is especially convenient to make inquiries related to products, commodities, images, and barcodes.

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