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We are often taken over by our wanderlust, which is very much refreshing, rejuvenating and helps us opening up our mind and heart to many new experiences and getting us to know and immerse ourselves in rich culture their heritage and of course a lot of new variety of mind-boggling food and experiences.

If we are considering the next trip to Huntsville Ontario. which is a great place to visit and experience in any season for a relishing getaway whether we go as a couple, or with family, or a friend. Huntsville not only has some of the richest and vivid restaurants loaded with some of the greatest delicacies but it also offers many riverside pubs and breweries, and shopping destinations along with ample indoor and outdoor activities scattered around. Apart from this, the historic town is also renowned for various events throughout the calendar year – especially its famous Festival of the Arts.

So here are 5 cool things to do in Huntsville at Least Once

Get Ice Cream at Kawartha Dairy:

If we have a sweet tooth and we have never tried Kawartha Dairy ice cream then this is just the delight which every sweet tooth has been looking for their whole life to indulge in. Although there are many other ice creams too we chose because Kawartha Dairy ice cream (founded in 1937) is delicious – and they have expanded across Ontario to the point where you no longer have a choice but to try it!

Explore Main Street/Downtown Huntsville:

An outstanding place to explore for a person who has never been to Huntsville before therefore has never been to Huntsville before in the historic downtown area on Main Street East. This area with densely-packed shops and restaurants makes a great place to window shop, grab supplies for your trip, enjoy a sweet treat, drink, or bite to eat, and much more.

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Enjoy the Views from Lions Lookout:

The enchanting views from the top of Lions Lookout make the place worth visiting.

The Lions Lookout makes the best spot for experiencing the beauty of Huntsville. For someone who doesn’t know this spot, it’s a must to check it out. As it may not disappoint us.

The Fairy Lake Lookout:

Taking a short drive from downtown, the Lookout is essentially a rocky cliff or a hill. One will get vast panoramic and sweeping views of the lake from the hilltop. There are even historical information plaques that you can read to learn more about the place. To reach the fairy lake, it’s a short drive from downtown and close to the Heritage Place Train Station. Look for Lookout Road, and follow the steep road up. At the top, there are numerous parking spots which go crazy full and jam-packed in summer and fall.

There is also a parking lot when you turn to go up Lookout Road where people parked to hike up (it would take about 10/15 minutes). If we are ardent about hiking like Gerry Forestell Huntsville who is a long-time resident, and an avid outdoor enthusiast. Dr. Gerald Forestell is also a supporter of charity organizations including the World ‌Wildlife‌‌ Fund‌‌, ‌‌MSF‌/Doctors‌‌ Without‌‌ Borders‌, Unicef, and local charities.

Enjoy the Muskoka River:

There are Lovely and Enchanting views at Town Dock Park. Of course, enjoying the Muskoka river view is a must before heading the Huntsville downtown. The river cuts through the core of the town linking lakes of the area and is made for enjoying – both beside it and on it. The historic Swing Bridge is like the gateway to downtown Huntsville. Starting out at the elegant green Swing Bridge, we can hang out by the river at the little green space known as Town Dock Park. It’s a favored spot for boaters to come up and park to head downtown.