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While aiming to buy different kinds of equipment and furniture for your laboratory, storage cabinets are a must-have. All your expensive apparatus, garments, and gadgets need a protected environment for storage. However, it is necessary to choose the right material for a standard, nontoxic, well-ventilated cabinet. A wide variety of storing solutions is available in the market; the popularity of the product should not compel you to buy it. Good research is a pre-requisite to testify the credibility and usefulness of the product. This article focuses on highlighting the benefits of using a Polypropylene Storage Cabinet as the right solution to your needs. Read through to check if it’s worthwhile.

An insight into the benefits of Propylene storage cabinets

Propylene is a stable monomer that is reliable to use in the restricted ambiance of the laboratory. The structural potency and chemical stability of the compound is the reason behind its high demand and acceptance as ideal furniture for the laboratory. Let’s take to see why you should consider it while buying.


While storing any material in the laboratory, the cabinet has the risk of getting exposed to hazardous fumes, which might mix and affect its composition. Propylene is such a stable compound that it neither breaks down nor gets altered by the presence of another chemical. It is resistant to corrosion and would not deteriorate anytime soon. That makes it the right choice for your solution needs.


The compound itself is safe to use and is neither reactive nor radioactive. It does not radiate any lethal fumes that would aggravate allergy or irritation amongst lab personnel. So you would never have to worry about the risk of storing dangerous chemicals or any other health hazards.

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Resistance to corrosion:

Propylene does not rust easily and is resistant to damage by oxidation. Propylene is mostly non – reactive due to which it has a better shelf life than stainless steel. Since most of the cabinet parts are made of this material, none of it would need regular replacement.

Ventilation system:

A good airflow network is necessary to avoid any stagnancy or suffocation. A well-ventilated system blocks out the building of germs or unwanted odor in your cabinet. It also keeps the sample at its room temperature and fresh.

Lightweight structure:

Propylene is lightweight in design and dimensions. Hence compared to other materials, it is much more portable and easy to shift from one location to another. Also, it is advisable to keep light handy furniture for the laboratory for better spacing results.

Strong interlocks:

Propylene cabinets are ideal for safe storages and areas where strict sterility is required. It has a secured locking system with double hinged doors and smart locks to keep your hazardous chemicals or important samples out of reach of other people. A lightweight and secured cupboard for the essential items makes it an ideal option for purchase.

Humid free:

Propylene is resistant to moisture so it does not get damped easily. In the case of spills, the material does not perish and can be cleaned easily. It allows maintaining a relative degree of humidity in and around the substances to keep a good balance of room temperature and air pressure.

Flexible design:

The plastic polymer can be molded into any shape and dimensions according to the need of the storage spaces. The structural flexibility is a huge advantage over steel cabinets and gives it a tough competition. The number of shelves, racks, outlets, doors of the cabinet can be designed for suiting your requirements in the laboratory. Tempered glass is fitted into the cabinet doors to give an easy and quick view to the observers.

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Propylene being lightweight has great structural strength and capability to endure. Cabinets, in general, should be tough to carry all the light and heavy materials within it. Besides, it does not wear and tear easily over long usage. The components within the entire cabinet are made of the same material so replacements are not required even after many years. Propylene cabinets have a strong build and are desirable by many customers.



Polypropylene cabinets are designed in a feasible manner to filter out smoke, fumes, or particulate filled the air with the help of smartly designed suction fans for a cleaner atmosphere in the laboratory. The collected fumes are passed out through multiple channels.

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