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Tiles are an effective way of adding style and personality to the walls and floors of your house.
With the right tiles having the right texture, color and material, you can easily customize your walls and floors to create a wonderful living space for yourself. So, here we are with 15 unique tile ideas to decorate your home in the most beautiful way:


1 Stone tiles: Stone tiles have a striking and attractive look. They can be used to give an excellent textured appearance to the walls of your house. These tiles can add character to your living room and make it look beautiful. You can also take the help of the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore in choosing the right tiles for your house.


2 Wooden tiles: If you want to give an unique look to your house, wooden tiles are the best for you. These tiles can be used to give your entire house a vintage look after house. Wooden tile not only looks beautiful but it also has a grand appearance. Today, most modern houses are opting for wooden tiles for their floors.


3 White tiles: White tiles can give your room a 3D effect. They are perfect for a minimalist family room. They can also make your room look spacious. White styles are both modern and stylish and can give your room a unique look. You can use white tiles for your bedroom and for your bathroom 


4 Ceramic tiles: Ceramic tiles can give your room a warm appearance. These tiles are available in different colors. They can help you to create an inviting living room for your house. The tiles also come in various patterns and textures. You can use these tiles for one particular wall of your room.


5 Monochrome tiles: Monochrome trials have been in trend for quite some time now. They can make your room look elegant. They are available in different pastels shades and can blend well with the furniture of your room. These tiles are also available in various full geometric patterns. 

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6 Brown and grey tiles: You can also use brown and grey styles to give a cloudy texture to your room. This kind of color looks extremely charming and playful. They can also make your room look bigger and more spacious.  Also, taking suggestions from the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore can help you in choosing the appropriate tiles for your room.


7 Brick tiles: Brick tiles have always been popular among the home owners. They are perfect for your living room. You can also use brick tiles to give your room a rustic charm. You can use these tiles for decorating your outdoor space also.


8 Marble tiles: There are a huge variety of tiles available in the market which look just like marble. These white marble tiles can accentuate the look of your entire room. They also make your room look sophisticated. You can use this kind of tiles for your floors as well as for your wall. People use these tiles for kitchens also.


9 Neutral tiles: Neutral tiles having hexagonal design look great for your room. These tiles can create a perfect vibe for your living or dining area. These tiles are also quite visually appealing. Also, if you do not have sufficient time to decide while tile is best for you, you can hire one of the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore.


10 Motif tiles: Colorful motif tiles can create a hypnotist effect for your room. These tiles are perfect for kitchens and bedrooms. You can also use these tiles for your living room. They have intricate patterns in them. The patterns can be of different colors.

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11 Grid pattern tiles: A classic grid pattern tile can give your room a modern look. It is appropriate for your dining area or your living room. It can give your room a very interesting look. Grid pattern tiles are also quite popular among the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore.


12 Multidimensional tiles: Multidimensional tiles can also create a 3D effect for your room. These tiles work really well for bathrooms and kitchens. They also look best in a room having grayscale wall colours. These multidimensional tiles mostly have intricate designs and can also be used for office spaces.


13 Contrasting tiles: If you want to inject some fun elements into your living space, then you can opt for tile having contrasting colours. These tiles can be used to create an accent wall for your room. These tiles are also perfect for small and compact spaces like bathrooms.


14 Non-repeating patterns: Tiles having bold and non-repeating patterns add a unique look to your living area. These tiles are available in various bold and cheerful colours. They create an excellent visual flow and make you feel good from inside.


15 Pattern within pattern: This kind of graphical design can add a delicate touch to your already stylish dining room. These tiles have a plethora of complex patterns in them. It can give you a really good feel and can also make your room look elegant and stylish.


So, these are the 15 best tile ideas that you can choose from. Each of these tiles is unique and can give a really good look to your entire house. However, consider all the relevant factors before getting your tiles. You must also take into account the color of the furniture and other elements before selecting a tile for your house.

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  1. Can I decorate my walls with tiles?


Yes, these days people are also using attractive tiles to decorate the walls of their rooms.


  1. Are tiles only used for bathrooms and kitchens?


No, you can use tiles for your living spaces as well. These days, people are using tiles for bedrooms and dining rooms also.


  1. What tiles work best for bedrooms?


You can always go for white tiles or tiles having neutral shades for your bedrooms. They can make your room look warm and spacious.


  1. How do I choose a suitable tile for my room?


You can easily take the help of interior designers in deciding which tile is most appropriate for the walls and floors of your room.

  1. What kind of tiles are currently trending in the market?


Brick tiles and stone tiles are quite popular in the market these days. You can also go for mild or neutral tiles.


  1. What tiles should I use for the walls of my room?


If you want to create an accent wall for your room, it is always better to go for tiles having vibrant colors.


  1. How much will it cost me to get the entire flooring of my house done with tiles?


It will completely depend on what kind of tiles you wish to use for your flooring. It will also depend on the vendor from whom you are going to purchase the tiles.

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