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There’s always a question going on in many minds of homeowners. How to know if there is mold buildup without opening the duct system?.  We have a simple answer to your question, people. ODORS. Any kind of unpleasant smell is the sign of mold, even if you can’t see it.

HVAC systems, when turned down for a while, eradicate that unpleasant moldy smell. That’s one major clue of having mold that is spreading quickly. The scent can vary from simple muddy to rotten or stale depending on the type and quantity of mold buildup.

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Air duct cleaning in Norcross becomes crucial if you sense poor ventilation in any part of your home and moisture and with high humidity levels.  One should take a keen interest in cleaning out the mold as it has high after effects of growing inside your vent. Remember that mold air duct cleaning is something no one should neglect if one prefers to enjoy the cool fresh breeze with good quality air.

First, one needs to look out for dust buildup before initiating the cleaning process. Particle buildup is usually found around the vents and in the drip pans. The condenser coil tends to pull out moisture from the air into the drip pans. If the loop gets clogged with dust particles or any other suitable material from the perspective, it creates a favorable environment for mold to grow and expand. 

The spreading fungus is a relatively straightforward process. IT can quickly sweep through tiny holes and make space for themselves. After a long time of infestation, Mold Air Duct Cleaning Norcross in the process, significantly because it grows from small particles invisible to the naked eye to a substantial webby network that is somehow difficult to get rid of from the vents. That is is when homeowners need professional air cut cleaning methods by NADCA  to get rid of it entirely.

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People often complain that we keep our ducts and vents souper clean even then we experience mold buildup. The reason behind fungal presence in the humid weather inside your home, along with moisture. If your ducts rigorously cleaned, and in any case, you never had a professional HVAC cleaner to clean your duct system, there are high chances that the filters get clogged. The condensation process fails, leading to slow buildup.

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To ease up your problem, these are a few problems that one should know of that contribute to making favorable conditions for the buildup  to grow:

  1. Oversized AC unit:

Homeowners usually witness unpleasant odors soon after they have installed ac systems. The situation is alarming, and the one reason behind it is that the unit installed is oversized. By this, we mean that it makes small spaces cool off instantly without dehumidifying the air, which causes moisture to retain in the system leading to fungal buildup.

  1. The low-temperature setting of AC thermostat:

Homeowners often set the temperature on the low setting; it causes cold air to mix up with the warm air inside your room. The difference is usually 20 degrees, and this creates moisture around the vents. Once this starts to happen slowly, it grows, and from around the vents, mold formation grows into the vents and clogged filters and coils.

  1. Leaks in the duct system : 

If not taken proper care of, the duct system often ends up damaged in one way or another. One of the damage is having tiny holes in the duct that leak.  They are one primary reason for mold growing inside your duct system. The condensation process fails in this condition, which eventually leads to moisture production leading to its growth.

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Air duct cleaning isn’t a very hectic task, especially for people who enjoy cleaning all by themselves.  One enthusiastic cleaner DIY process of cleaning the duct from buildup won’t be complicated for you. The things you need are quite simple

  • A good quality brush 
  • EPA approved mold cleaner liquid 
  • Microfiber cloth 


One can always make their cleaning solution using household products like soda, bleach, and detergent. But it is highly recommended that one uses counterfeit products for Its removal and helps in no fungal production in the future. 


Once you open up your duct where it is visible, it’s better to scrub the ducts’ inners without damaging it lightly. Slowly pour commercial mold removal liquid on a nonporous surface and clean again. Take out the contents into a trash bag and make sure you dispose of it away soon. 


The next step holds its primary importance. You need to sweep the vents dry using a microfiber cloth, so it doesn’t damage the surface and dries out immediately. 


This primary cleanup method will resolve minor buildup issues in your ducts. Still, if you witness severe mold and rusty smell all around your home, you might need to consider calling an HVAC professional for a thorough checkup and cleanup.


Prevention methods vary from place to place, and depending on how much moisture and humidity does your area has. Experts recommend installing UV light inside your ducts for proper sanitization of HVAC systems. IT might be an expensive buy but let me assure you that it would be less costly than getting your fungal air duct cleaned by professional service providers.

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Apart from the previous installation, homeowners can always opt for changing filters every time they get clogged, so minimal or no mold is produced and cleaned easily with essential home cleaning steps.


Cleaning dip pans is also essential to avoid clogging of coils and residue buildup for future mold growth prevention.


Experts say that to invest in a good dehumidifier so that the ducts’ moisture gets dry and there isn’t any mold formation. 


None of the above steps are challenging to perform. Having good quality air for your home is essential, and one can;lt compromise on having it. Buy following the above steps; you are freeing your people with neglected diseases and various allergies and health hazards.





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