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Drug abuse can happen to an individual due to many reasons. It can be a person’s own choice in the start but cannot be the desire to continue so long that his body gets addicted to that drug. Furthermore, drug addiction is not of one type. It varies from drug to drug and the way is injected in the body. Every type of drug poses its bad effects on health both physical and mental. It does not remain just a timely unconsciousness but many other diseases accumulate along with it. He cannot think like a normal person, cannot perform his activities completely, and cannot communicate with his loved ones in a good way.

Drug addiction is a source of severe illness; it needs proper medical treatment to cure. It involves both psychological and physical examination and treatment. Treating the addicted person is not a short time process, it takes significant time and cost. There are many drugs treatment clinics working in Lahore for the treatment of drug-addicted persons. Most prominent of them is the “Koshish clinic” which is fully equipped to provide in-patient treatment. They treat the patients with full attention by performing the complete diagnosis and then suggesting the best possible treatment. Once the treatment is started, recovery of the patients is recorded and the medication response is checked. If needed, the prescribed treatment may be altered.

Below are some common reasons that may be a reason to acquire drug addiction.

  • Self-medication

There are many drugs that are prescribed by the doctors to relieve pain, cure sleep issues, and many other related mental issues. They include opioids, marijuana, and other pain-relieving medicines. The patient thinks that they are safe to consume when he feels the mild issue but the practitioner has prescribed them for a short time. He prefers to take them because he gets calmness after using them. These medicines when started to consume for a long time, the body becomes habitual to their use. This self-prescribed medication can cause more problems instead of curing the disorder. There is also an issue of drug resistance by the body after a long time of usage.

  • Psychological issues
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Drug addiction may be caused by the psychological issues of the individual. People suffer from various crises from time to time, may be they are financial issues or loss of a loved one, study issues, accidents, and traumas.  At some point when they are fed up with their own life, they want nothing except peace and calm. They find their way to specific substance abuse. These substances suppress the mental abilities for the time being and the person gets relaxed. This peace for the short time can lead to severe consequences in the future. Treatment in such cases; is more focused on psychological counseling.

Anxiety, depression, and insecurities of a person deteriorate his personality. He starts acquiring drugs to relieve him. As time passes, he gets habitual to these substances.

  • Getting pleasure

In many foreign countries, alcoholism has been legalized and available without any restrictions. It is the reason that when the child reaches adolescence he starts consuming to get pleasure. In the same way, he may get involved in other drugs addiction just for the purpose of enjoyment and happiness. In Pakistan, alcoholism, and drugs like heroin, marijuana, cocaine, and many others are ban. But due to the negligence of government security agencies, there is a huge network that is supplying all these drugs and alcohol to the people without showing themselves.

A person acquires these drugs willingly to enjoy but soon he knows that all the happiness is fake. He is destroying every relation due to his abnormal behavior. His physical health is getting worse as the time is passing but he cannot control himself.

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Drug abuse is a serious threat to a healthy society; it ruins the positivity and socialism in a community. It is a strict need for the time to take action against drug abuse. It is not enough to treat the patients only but to restrict the other healthy individuals from getting involved in this curse.

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