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Trying to find a way to train your kid for the next spelling test? There are a lot of websites out there offering a handful of ways to learn spellings, but the SpellQuiz is considered as the most successful out of all of them in providing new and innovative ideas to enhance your child’s spelling learning skills through online spelling test, quizzes, and practices making spelling learning a matter of minutes.

We are currently living in the world of the 21st century, where words are considered as the modern way to communicate, express, and share feelings, culture, and other modern norms besides signs, which shows the importance of knowing and learning them from the beginning.

Spell quiz is a website that is the one and only solution for all your problems whether you are a teacher looking for some interesting ways to aid your students in their grade 3 spelling words learning, or a mother in search of some handy tricks to prepare your child for his / her upcoming spelling test, it got everything you may think of in order to develop great learning skills in a child.

Starting from the various levels it offers according to your child’s standards of learning the spellings of a grade 3, or according to the grade they are in with useful activities and tasks, as well as it got listening comprehension to improve your child’s focus and listening ability. It also features adaptive spelling test, sight test, spelling bee, fun quizzes, and much more.

Here are some interesting activities that can assist your child in improving his / her spelling skills.

  • Writing word from non-dominant hand
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Human brains have got some unique ways to function as there are many ways to boost the brain’s activity in which using the non dominant side is a one of the best tricks.

Using a non-dominant part of the body needs keen focus and attentiveness which results in healthy brain functioning and is a good way to improve focus. Let your 3rd grader practice his / her grade 3 spelling words by writing them using his / her non-dominant hand, it will promote positive brain activity and aids in learning spellings adequately.

  • Write your spelling backwards

Another smart way to improve your child’s spelling skills as well as their brain functioning is by making them write their spelling for grade 3 backwards. This trick is a brain activity for your child as they put their complete focus in a spelling, so they don’t mess up which results in much more concentrate and better learning skills.

Put the spelling words in front of your child to allow them rearranging the word backwards, through this they will be more focused towards the letters in a spelling which automatically assist them in learning the spelling.

  • Paint down your spelling words

We all are very much aware of the fact that how much kids love colors, everything colorful fascinates their little minds and tingles the creativity inside it, so why not use this trick to make learning more fun and effective.

Give your child a paper and some paints and let them spell out their words with it, every letter with a different color, as the left brain is sensitive to colors, and this is also a site where language functions, so altogether it will be a great way to exercise the left side of the brain.

  • Scramble your words
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Here is a trick that can allow your child to learn grade 3 spelling words in a minute with accuracy. Begin by arranging a word letter by letter using word tiles, and then scrambled them, and let your child rearrange the word in its actual spelling by placing letter tiles to their right place.

This trick will let your child learn the right placement of the letters in a word.

  • Words in a Triangle

 This trick is all about placing a word in a triangle by writing one letter on the top most point followed by 2 letters in a second row and so on other letters and then finally a complete word on the base of the triangle.

Example :  speghetti











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