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Ever since the advent of smartphones, apps have been a crucial factor in drawing more users to have a taste of the experience. Over the years, mobile applications have evolved to a standard where they are profitable investments. Have a look at these stats – mobile apps are expected to cross $935 billion in revenue by 2023. In the Google Play store, there are over 2.87 million apps ready to download. 

These include apps for games, music, reading, betting, buying, selling, entertainment, and education. In this plethora of apps, only a few bright and unique ideas get into the spotlight. One such app idea that was received well was the Oyo app.

Taking the hotel industry by storm, the Oyo app is primarily used to book hotel rooms instantaneously with just a few clicks. A user can quickly skim through hundreds of hotels in less than a minute and make a choice. Just to give you an idea of the impact Oyo has made, I will list some recent statistics here.

1.The app has over 300,000 daily users.

2.It operates in 330 cities.

3.Around 1 million rooms are covered by the app.

4.125,000 vacation homes are under the app.

5.Over 50 million downloads globally.

6.The app is valued at $8 million.

Clearly, one can see the extent to which the app has grown and developed. You, as an entrepreneur or a business owner, have the ability to reach these heights too. Read on to know how an Oyo Clone app can be developed and how you can scale your business using this impressive app.

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To develop and launch your very own clone app, there are two proven methods.


  • Building the app from scratch using a team of developers.
  • Partnering with Clone app development companies.

If you go down the first route, as mentioned earlier, you will need a team of developers who will build your app:

UI/UX Designers 

They will be building the user interface of the app which is significant because it ensures user accessibility. A dynamic and sleek interface will need to be the brief developers need to fill.

Android and iOS developers 

 Since your app will need to be released on both Android and iOS platforms, developers will have to use the appropriate tech stack to make that possible.

 Front and Back-end developers 

They will have to make sure your app has an attractive front end and a highly functional back end to support the features on the Clone app.

QA Engineer 

To test the app strenuously by subjecting it to a series of tests to make sure the app is in good working order and free of bugs and errors.

Product Manager 

To oversee the development of your project and to allocate appropriate personnel to build the app to make sure the app is built on time.

Marketing team 

They will ensure consumers around the world are aware of such a high-end app by marketing it online. This will make sure your Oyo Clone app gets the highest visibility among competitors. 

The second method, as mentioned above, would require partnering with a reliable Clone app development company which will constitute all the teams required to build your app in-house. So, you don’t need to particularly look for developers. These solutions have a workflow that goes like this.

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Requirement analysis 

This step would involve you, as the entrepreneur, to sit and discuss what you are looking for in the app. This can range from the features, how the app will look, customizations, and cost of the app.

Drawing a road map 

Once the developers have a clear idea of what you need from them, they will plan ahead and allocate tasks to be completed to the appropriate staff. They will also set milestones for them to reach which will ensure accountability.

Development phase 

Here, the team will work on the front and back end development of the app. The front end will ensure ease of use and a pleasing design while the back end will focus on the overall functionality.

Quality Analysis 

The app will be tested here by the team to fix any bugs, glitches, and errors to give you a robust Oyo Clone app.


 In this important phase, the app developers will get the approval from you and launch your Oyo Clone app. This will be done only after all the strict standards of the company are met. Their marketing team will make sure the release of your app is noteworthy and received well among customers.

Post-launch maintenance 

If by any chance, the app faces troubles like glitches, the maintenance team will come through to get the app running in no time.

Now that these methods have been explained, it is up to you to decide and choose one of these methods for your Oyo Clone app development. I would recommend you go with the latter because you can completely trust experienced developers to bring your vision to life.

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Inoru is one such Clone app development company that has excelled in this field. With over 14 years of experience and highly scalable products, our clone app solutions are top of the line. Get in touch with us to know more.


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