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There is always something to learn and make, whether it is creating relevant goods that the world needs right now, preparing yourself for future requirements, or simply creating crafty items to enjoy with your loved ones at home. 


Most business owners’ natural “knee-jerk” reaction in uncertain times is to cut costs across the board, but we believe that skilled embroiderers who learn to adjust and pivot their plans will emerge victoriously. We must remember that there are always new things to embroider and new trends that emerge with any widespread social change as we hunt for inspiration over the next few weeks.


So, if you’re looking for something to embroider and sell in your shop or something to utilise for yourself and your family, here are five suggestions:

Warm and Inviting Indoor blankets and pyjamas.

Stay-at-home attire.

Seasonal garments.

Reusable gloves.

Reusable masks.

Seasonal garments

Spring-themed flowers, animals, and quotations can be embroidered on various garments this time of year, from baby outfits to hand towels. Getting a head start on summer attire is a terrific idea if you’re experiencing downtime, especially as everyone is gearing up for this summer more than ever before. Do you need a boost of motivation and optimism? For a burst of inspiration, start making springtime designs.


Remember that whenever the market recovers, there will be a high demand for embroidery and vector art conversion, so plan now while you still have time.


You may also start getting ready for summer by embroidering beach towels and sun hats, so you’ll have something to show off on your Etsy and Pinterest accounts as potential clients look for summer inspiration online. Try to convince us that this isn’t motivating! Make sure to check out other websites if you’re looking for spring and summer-themed themes.

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Stay-at-home attire

Want to make “Stay Home” caps right away but don’t know where to begin? While most of us are stuck at home, we could all use some encouragement and reminders that we are all working toward the same goal.


As everyone shares the message and encourages social separation, this gear is in hot demand for brief excursions to the grocery store or walks and runs around the neighbourhood. Creating “Stay home” caps and shirts is a great way to stay relevant while also sending a powerful message to encourage others to help.

Blankets and Pajamas for Indoors

Because loungewear is currently sweeping the fashion world, beautiful, personalised pyjama sets are a terrific addition to your collection.


Making matching pyjamas for your family will lift spirits and offer everyone something to look forward to at the end of the day, whether it’s watching movies or playing games.


Let’s face it, your family is spending more time together than ever before, and you’ve probably settled into a comfortable routine by now, but if you want to make this time special for your family and use your crafty side to make the home time a little more fun, custom pyjamas and blankets are a great way to go.


So you’ve got your matching PJs, but how about a cosy blanket to remind you of all the guilt-free time you spent on the couch?


Because of the inexpensive rates, you can source them for and the potential for enormous designs and stitch counts, as well as personalization fees that you can integrate into your prices, blankets can be quite profitable if you chose to sell your works.

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Reusable gloves

Gloves, like face masks, are hard to come by these days and using your embroidery machine to make reusable, washable gloves is a skill.


Unless you just want to make them for your family or community, there’s obviously a profit potential considering the demand and rarity of goods like this. These gloves can survive numerous washes, depending on the durability of the material you use.

Reusable face masks

You may be wondering how a tiny firm can make a difference when large corporations are already doing so much. Let’s start with the most important and perhaps life-saving item on the list: face masks. To fulfil this demand, firms around the country are adjusting and producing thousands of face masks, as well as suspending their normal operations to assist their communities.


As a result, millions of individuals across the country are relying on companies to keep them on hand. According to the CDC, using any type of face mask is preferable to not wearing one at all. 

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