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If you are an amateur handyman but want to build a pergola on the cheap, we will be of great help to you.

Would you like a 16m² pergola for an affordable price?

Custom wood pergolas have been on the rise in recent years.

Chicer than the arbour and more solid than the Barnum, the pergola defines a real living space in your exterior. There are pretty metal pergolas on the current market, expensive bioclimatic pergolas, somewhat fragile kit pergolas, but what interests us here is the construction of a wooden pergola on your own.

As you may have noticed in supermarkets, a pergola is relatively simple to build, and you will see that it is a natural breeze with minimal tools.

Build a wood pergola with your own hands is a perfectly manageable business for amateur DIYers. It’s as easy as building one of our small garden structures.

You know how to saw and screw, so it’s good, you have all the skills required, can we start right away?

The 4 × 4 pergola

4 by 4 pergola

The 4 × 4 pergola offers a substantial living space of 16m² with a comfortable height of 2.50m

Simple in different Pergola designs but robust, you will need simple tools and a second person for the assembly phase.

The pergola is placed on a 40 × 40 concrete pedestal and adjustable support.

  • The roof is ready to receive the cover of your choice: sheer curtain, louvres, adjustable slats.
  • The construction cost of this pergola is affordable, or one-third of the first low-end models on the market.
  • You can consult the achievements of our customers in the Customer images section.
  • New in 2021:
  • It is included with the plans of the pergola: the method of the adjustable blade mechanism.
  • With ample surface standards, we have developed a very efficient system to manufacture the mechanism for an orientable blade.
  • 10 times cheaper than the Sam Kit per linear meter and very easy to set up.
  • The plans are sent automatically by email immediately after your payment.
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The back-to-back pergola 4 × 3

4 by 3 pergola

Length 4m, width 3m max height 2.60m

  • The attached pergola with a polycarbonate roof can use in summer and winter with an exceptional lifespan.
  • It is ideal in subdivisions and semi-detached dwellings; can fit the blanks with screen panels for maximum privacy.
  • Although you need to be a skilled handyman here, to build a wood pergola is very simple and should only take you a few hours.

Authorizations to build a wood pergola

Although a pergola is not an enclosed living space, the regulations are base on the footprint.

  • To summarize the texts in force in the context of a pergola construction, the law tells us:
  • – below 5m² of footprint, you are exempt from any authorization
  • -from 5 to 20m², a prior declaration of work is required
  • -if the footprint is greater than 20m² you will have to apply for a building permit.

Suppose that you want to build a wood pergola is below the 20m² thresholds. Although, in that case, you will have to fill out the prior declaration of work form, it is pretty easy, and the necessary plans in the files are provided with our pergola construction plans to download.

The foundation pads of the pergola

It is essential to rest the pergola on foundation studs.

  • Rest assured, pouring 4 or 6 concrete blocks will not take you more than a day.
  • You can start on a concrete block 30x30x70cm deep, and the latter is weighted according to your soil’s nature.
  • For the precise layout of the foundation studs, we include the general layout plan with the wooden pergola plans.
  • With a rope, will do a few stakes and will do a 5m tape measure. The implantation of the studs will be done in a few minutes.
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The floor of the pergola

The floor of the pergola can be made in several ways:

  • -with a wooden decking board, it is hot and easy to set up
  • -a paving or paving on a sand bed surrounded by a masonry border
  • -a tiled concrete slab
  • -Etc.

The floor chosen for your pergola depends, of course, on your budget but also on the nature of your pergola. A wooden pergola goes particularly well with a wooden floor, while the painted steel pergola is the highlight on a tiled floor.

I download a plan to make a wooden pergola; what am I entitled to?

Each wooden pergola plan includes the following:

  • The list of materials (only standards found in supermarkets)
  • The site plans
  • The cutting plans of each part (dimensions per mm, angle in degrees)
  • Assembly and assembly drawings in 3D view
  • Detailed plans for the prior declaration of work
  • My advice and tips for easy maintenance and a good lifespan of your pergola

I choose the most suitable wooden pergola plan for my needs; how does it work next?

  • After your payment, you will receive directly by email download links that have a limited validity period.
  • By clicking on these links, you will be able to download the pergola plan in PDF directly on your computer or your smartphone.
  • The PDF file includes several pages, the details of which are mentioned earlier in this article.
  • You are free to print the plans on an A4 printer or consult them as the construction progresses on your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Advantages of a wooden pergola

The wooden pergola, even if its maintenance may seem more restrictive than a steel pergola, has many advantages:

  • Its wooden structure makes it easy to add a privacy panel to hide from neighbours.
  • It is also easier to grow a climbing plant there.
  • You can also unroll wicker reeds on the roof, creating a stunning shade game for you, no need for a motorized slat to build a “bioclimatic” pergola.
  • The main advantage and not the least is above all its price.
  • A 15m² wooden pergola at manufacturing cost around your range, i.e., 3x cheaper than its steel counterpart.
  • You will understand, wood allows adaptations that metal does not allow; it will cost you a small stain per year and much less to purchase.
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The essential tools to build a wooden pergola

To build a pergola using our construction plan, you will need the following tools:

  • -A handsaw or circular saw
  • -A cordless screwdriver
  • -A hammer
  • -a tape measure

And that’s all!

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