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Autumn and winter are cold season. But why do some people get a cold and others don’t? Here we will share 5 reasons why you catch a cold.


Whether you catch a cold this winter or be spared depends in part on how much oxidative stress your nasal and airway passages are suffering from, a new study says. This is a state of metabolism in which free radicals (reactive oxygen compounds) are increasingly present. These oxygen compounds are caused by stress, smoking, environmental toxins or inflammation in the body.

The research examined two defense mechanisms of the cells in the airways to protect against threats: one that protects against viruses such as B. protects against cold viruses, and one that protects against oxidative stress. The study found that there is a trade-off between these two defense mechanisms: more protection against oxidative stress damage (e.g. damage caused by cigarette smoke) means less protection against cold viruses.
The more oxidative stress, the higher the risk of catching a cold.

By taking CBD oil, which should not be confused with cannabis oil, you should be able to make an excellent contribution to prevention, as CBD is said to have an antioxidant effect. It is also said to be relaxing and highly anti-inflammatory.


In contrast to point 1, it is of course also true that due to a weakened immune system from cold or flu viruses, which in turn makes it difficult for the body to deal with free radicals.

These viruses can be spread through the air, contact with infected people, or airborne infection. As a preventive measure, you can get vaccinated, but this only protects to a limited extent, as the four mutate every year. Alternatively, one can lower the risk of getting sick by strengthening one’s immune system.

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CBD is said to be particularly suitable for this, as it is often ascribed a strong supportive effect on the immune system. Check CBD shop here.


Experts believe that sleep has a “massive impact” on the immune system. When it comes to sleep, there are two critical factors: the length of sleep and the quality of sleep. Due to our increasingly stressful everyday life and a flood of information that the brain tries to process at night, the quality of sleep suffers massively, which makes us more susceptible to colds.
For a better sleep, experienced users recommend hemp (flower) tea, as the CBDa it contains is said to be particularly suitable. See more CBD variants here.


Poor diet can also put a strain on the immune system. Especially during the week, on hectic days, we tend to eat fast food.
After a short time, however, we are hungry again and eat again. As a result, more and more people are overweight, which leads to chronic inflammation in the body and thus additionally weakens the immune system. The unhealthy diet also means that the body lacks essential nutrients, which makes us more susceptible to disease.

CBD is said to have anti-inflammatory effects and also to regulate appetite.


Depression or anxiety can also negatively affect the immune system. In order to get back on your feet as quickly as possible in the event of a possible illness, in addition to medication, dietary supplements could also contribute to a faster recovery.
New evidence suggests that worsening mental health during flu could slow healing. The flu could even lead to depression due to decreased serotonin production.

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Here, too, CBD is said to be ideal for prevention, as it is supposed to work against the factors that favor colds: it is supposed to have an antioxidant effect and thus reduce oxidative stress and strengthen the immune system. CBD or CBDa, e.g. B. in hemp (blossom) tea, let us sleep better and deeper.
According to experience reports, CBD oil with its terpenes and flavonoids is also suitable for strengthening the immune reaction. In addition, CBD regulates appetite and is effective against depression and anxiety, which in turn could promote healing and perhaps even counteract flu-related depression.

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