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Did you just convert PSD to WordPress theme but have not yet received e-mail notifications about contact form submissions? Then you need to fix WordPress contact form not sending e-mail by using SMTP plugins. The PHP mail function is used to deliver electronic communication generated by WordPress or a form plugin. Problems occur because many web hosting servers are not configured to use this specific function. Moreover, e-mail providers verify the origin of the messages and any discrepancy forces them to block the delivery. The best way to bypass this problem is to use Simple Mail Transfer Protocol instead of the default PHP function. SMTP is a communication protocol which uses proper authentication to ensure the delivery of e-mails. You can use the following plugins to integrate SMTP with your WordPress website.

1. WP Mail SMTP

One of the most widely-used products that you can use for the purpose is WP Mail SMTP. Developed by the popular form builder, WPForms, this 4.5-star rated plugin is actively installed on over 1 million interfaces. This tool is compatible with all major services like Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. Users can configure any other service also which offers SMTP. You can use the tool to reconfigure the wp_mail() function and shift to a preferred SMTP provider. It allows users to include their passwords in the wp-config.php file so that they remain invisible in WordPress settings. Its free plan lets subscribers send up to 100 messages in a single day.

2. WP Mail Bank

You can get fast and assured delivery of your electronic communications if you install the WP Mail Bank plugin. This product contains features which help in testing, logging, and controlling the delivery of messages. The solution can also be used on multisite installations. One of the most beneficial features of the tool is that it updates automatically. The developers of the solutions keep improving it by releasing upgrades regularly. A totally unique product, WP Mail Bank enables users to send e-mails with a Zend Framework. The product is compatible with prominent names like Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo. It also supports e-mail solutions like Mailgun and SendGrid which are built for large-scale usage.

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3.  Easy WP SMTP

Easy WP SMTP is an effective product which you can use to fix WordPress contact form not sending e-mail error. This open source software allows users to connect their blog with a mail server to manage all outbound communication. They can enable debug logging to check whether the correspondence is being delivered successfully or not. Subscribers are also allowed to specify a reply-to e-mail ID. They can import and export the SMTP settings as well. In case you have a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account, you can connect with their SMTP servers. It is a secure product which allows you to communicate in a safe environment with your e-mail recipients.

4. Gmail SMTP

Many website owners see their messages getting blocked because they have exhausted the daily limit of outgoing e-mails. They can avoid this problem by routing their communications through the Gmail SMTP server by installing the Gmail SMTP plugin. You can use this solution on your self-hosted website if you have a Gmail account and PHP version of 5.6 or later. The product uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol to grant access to the Gmail API. This enables a secure login system which does not require the entry of username and password. Another helpful feature of the tool is that it does not completely annul the wp_mail function. The subscribers, therefore, get to enjoy the benefits of the default function.

5. Postmark

Postmark is an ideal tool for large website owners who use custom e-mail IDs of their domains. Users with generic public domain e-mails such as Google and Yahoo cannot use this product. It is a hosted service which manages the delivery of all website electronic mails. Whether you want to send welcome messages, issue password resets or send comment notifications, the tool will handle everything. It supports all popular form builders like Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and Ninja Forms. People need to create an account with the service and then link the plugin with it to use the product.

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These effective solutions can help to fix WordPress contact form not sending e-mail error. This will ensure that you receive all your communication on time and do not lose out on any profitable opportunity.

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