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The sale of organic food and drinks showed a 6.1% increase during the lockdown. However, the sale of non-organic goods grew only by 3.2%, almost half the rate of organic stuff. The sudden sales boom has got everyone thinking, except the organic farmers. They believe that the virus, which impairs our immune system, has made consumers more careful about strengthening the same. The switch to organic produce has thus become more rampant in recent months. 

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There are other reasons why people prefer organic foods and drinks over non-organic varieties today. The organic products have a lesser amount of chemicals in them, are more environment-friendly and overall healthy. Do you wish to know more? Scroll on!


Customers have grown to be more conscious than before

Owing to the pandemic outbreak, customers have become more health-conscious than before. They are now carefully analysing the food they consume to enhance health and safety. As the organic produces are fresh, devoid of chemicals and even tastier, they are making the switch more readily. Besides fruits and vegetables, the sale of organic eggs, pulses, packaged foods, seeds and beverages have increased drastically. It means that the consumers are now more focussed on improving their immune response by reducing the intake of chemicals. Regular food products have a chunk of them in the form of preservatives, artificial flavours and colours. So the consumers are straightaway rejecting the same. 


The sustainability movement

All the months of lockdown have made us realise the importance of nature and the falsehood of materialistic pleasures. As a result, more people are joining the sustainability movement to preserve the integrity of Mother Nature. As the regular food products are loaded with chemical preservatives, flavours, colours and fragrances that may have adverse effects on health as well as the environment, they are switching to organic products. Organic farming is devoid of chemical fertilisers and pesticides that mostly end up in landfills and farm run-offs, thus polluting the environment further. It is a big reason why people prefer these products now over non-organic ones that encourage pollution indirectly. 

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The availability of organic foods and drinks

Online shopping also increased drastically in the months of the lockdown. As organic foods and drinks are mostly available online, customers opted for them readily. Once they experienced the benefits of the same, it became a habit. Now you can easily order your daily requirements from an organic food store online after reading the reviews. The popularity of organic products is thus closely linked to the increasing trend of shopping online. More and more organic stores are popping up each day, giving attractive discounts and offers on their products. All you have to do is find a reliable one for the long term. 


Changes in the habit

The lockdown also imposed restrictions on our fast food consumption habits, as most of the fast-food chains were closed and deliveries limited. Therefore, more people turned to healthy snacking, offered by organic food products and beverages. These days, you can get a reliable organic food store faster than a fast food outlet. Further, consumers are aware that the lesser amount of processed food enters their system, the greater are the chances to create a robust immune response against the virus. Never was a healthy diet considered as important as it is now. After all, when it comes to life, people can push their limits higher. 


Wrapping it up

If you are still thinking about how to make that switch to organic foods, it is simple. Just pick a reliable store, check their offers and collection of products. Read the ingredient list to ensure that the products don’t contain anything that you may be allergic to, and buy to your heart’s content. Once you grow a habit of it, everything else will fall in place.

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