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A classic engagement ring has its own charm and is a safe bet. However, a trendier option is also a viable option. Round shape diamonds have conquered the market. However, fancy shapes of titanium wedding rings that are different from the round brilliant cut stones have been creating a huge stir as a bridal ring for many years now.

Selecting the right shape for your diamond engagement ring may initially seem less important as compared to the base or setting. However, the shape you choose for your diamond has a mesmerizing effect and truly set the tone of the ring as a whole. So, you need to pick an engagement ring that has a perfect combination of elegant diamond shape and base that complements your personal style.

Diamond Shapes that Perfectly Complements Every Personality

Round cut diamond shape is the most prominent and quintessential shape for classic wedding rings. Research has shown that on the average 75% of all wedding rings have round shape diamonds. 58% of them boost serious twinkle shine. This makes them an ideal choice for the brides to be that wants a classic and timeless look.

Next popular style or shape of the diamond is the princess cut. This type of style offers a lot of glittering brilliance. This style on average has the popularity of 49%. However, the modern square shape distinguishes it from the other shapes. This makes it a sensational option for brides to be, and they mostly are drawn to such shape. These brides usually have a fun-loving personality.

If you are confused and have to make a decision between a princess or a round cut stone, you need to go for the popular cushion cut shape. The pillow cut or cushion cut diamond with old mine aspect is today’s brilliant cut technique. It was also famous during the Victorian and Edwardian era. Thus, making this option more special.

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Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings

  1. Cushion cut:

This is not identical to the squared off princes shape. It is more unique as compared to the classic round shape. This particular shape provides a perfect blend of past and present, traditional and modern shape. It provides a look that is elegant, feminine, fresh and also timeless.

  1. Oval

A diamond shape that is varied is the oval one. It has a chameleon feature which means it changes its look to either modern or vintage depending on the setting and band. This is particularly great for those who are in love with the classic lines of round shaped diamonds. However, if they want something that is more unique, innovative and creative, oval cut diamonds provide an avant-garde range of options to create something one of its kind.

Oval shaped lines are gaining limelight and becoming popular on the wedding and engagement bands. Incorporating an oval diamond shape gives an absolutely romantic and vintage feel.

  1. Emerald-Cut Diamonds

If you want a totally refined and sophisticated look for your wedding rings, then emerald-cut diamonds are the best option. This shape is an amalgamation of aesthetic, exude effortless style and sophistication. Their sleek and flawless long lines and dramatic flashes a light that ensures an elegant glow.

Discover a Wide-Range of Diamond Shapes at The Ring Shop

Titanium Wedding Rings

The great thing about shopping for wedding rings online or from a shop is no matter which shape you choose for your wedding ring, there are numerous ways to make the existing traditional shape fresh and exciting all over again. These shops specialize in crafting engagement and wedding rings and are serving in the industry for several years. They welcome you to explore the wide range of rings they offer in their jewelry store. They mostly carry a diverse range of elegant and luxury bridal jewelry made by expert designers. The gorgeous options make them best for all personal style and price options.

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