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In every family, people usually eat and dine together and they require dining tables. In most of the parties, gatherings, and school or college meetings, we need chairs to sit and make our discussion flawless. Wooden dining table and chairs are more reliable than the plastic or other dining tables. Because wooden dining tables and chairs are more brawny and sturdy than that of plastic tables and chairs. They are more durable and reliable and people prefer tables and chairs made up of wood nowadays.

Types of wooden dining table and chairs:

The types of wooden tables and chairs can vary depending upon what type of wood is being used for the manufacturing of dining tables and chairs.

Cherry wood

Cherry wood is one of the best and hardwoods used in the making of wooden equipment. It is extracted from the cherry fruit tree and has a red-brown color. Its surface is very smooth with a glossy structure and it is famous in woodworking.


Ashwood is also known as Fraxinus and it is extracted from an olive-like plant. which is usually grown in the area of North America. Furthermore, It is also the most used wood in the lumber industry. It is also hard with a soft-touch surface.

Hickory wood

Hickory wood is also a key part of the lumber industry. It is very hard to have a smooth touch. But their strength is very good and they are very resistant to electrical shock and current.

Walnut wood

wooden dining table and chairs

Walnut wood is popular among all types of wood due to its strength, color, and durability. It has a very high tensile strength. It is dark brown and it is very durable and has a long life span.

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Red oak wood

Red oak wood is extracted from the red oak tree and its color complexity varies from white to light red-brownish. It is very popular and the finest wood found in the United States. It plays a vital role in the manufacturing and production of high-quality woodworks.

Mahogany wood

Mahogany is the unique and high strength wood with a red and brownish color. Its species varies from the genus, indigenous, and of the Americas. It is also used in the timber industry to make perfect and eye-catching products.

Lyptus wood

Lyptus wood is extracted from the lyptus tree and is generally derived from the species of the eucalyptus  tree. Moreover, it is also renowned for its uses in the wood industry. It is red-pinkish in color and has muscular strength.

Hard maple wood

Hard maple wood is famous as the sugar maple wood. which is one of the most durable wood in its specie. It is light brown and for its better uses; and has a wide range of applications.

Alder wood

This wood is extracted from the alder tree and contains grains inside it. It is very straight, has fine strength, smooth texture. It is also resistant to rot and many other diseases. Due to all this, this wood has a wide scope in making wooden dining table and chairs.

Poplar wood

It is also known as the tulip-wood, white wood, and yellow wood. poplar wood is yellow-white. It is very economic and is considered as the cheapest and utility wood for the manufacturing of the dining table and chairs

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Knotty pine

Knotty pine wood is a wood that is extracted from the pine tree but contains knots on its surface. It is mostly used in the kitchen decoration and the manufacturing of wooden dining tables and chairs.

These are some of the woods that are mostly used in the manufacturing of wooden dining tables and chairs. while their manufacturing process can be different depending upon what type of tool we are using.

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