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Investment opportunities in Dubai and its economy has been continuously growing over the past few decades. The city has remained the center of many investors and traders’ attention due to its geographical location, open and free economy, cutting-edge infrastructure, entrepreneur-friendly policies, etc. With the tremendous evolution of the city’s cultural aspects, Dubai has become more than just an international corporate center. It is regarded as a metropolitan hub for shopping and leisure purposes. Subsequently, local traders and expatriates equally have numerous opportunities to make the most use of their capital. This is the reason why investors all over the world are looking to benefit from the investment opportunities in Dubai markets.

As World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report 2020 states, the United Arab Emirates, with a population of about 9,630,959, leverages an overall 16th ranking, which is significantly ahead of the countries in closer proximity. To shed some light on this, the following are some of the key reasons why business investment in Dubai has dramatically increased in recent years:

Increased Accessibility

Although the city has managed to score the massive attraction from tourists all across the globe, Dubai continues to be one of the safest cities for business ventures. The city is located in the middle of the continent, particularly between Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, and Europe and the Far East. Having a central location, Dubai is nearly served by 120 freight companies and is connected through 130 international destinations via 85 airline carriers. These factors make it highly accessible from anywhere around the globe.

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Moreover, several multinational Fortune 500 corporations are capitalizing on the benefits of its strategic location, availing easy access to the critical markets of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. Also, the cherry on the top, accessibility to the international commercial centers in Europe and America, take the investment opportunities in Dubai to the next level.

Open and Free Market

In order to attract more economic development and entrepreneurial activities, Dubai’s economy has been maintained to be open and free. In addition to no taxes on corporate earnings and personal income, the customs duties are as low as 4%. Moreover, investors have the leverage to get complete repatriation of capital and profits in Free Zone and Offshore companies. There are no foreign exchange controls, trade restrictions, import limits, or any other impediments. As a whole, the government exercises limited to minimum control and regulation over the private sectors.

Not to forget the presence of more than 30 Free Zones in Dubai is all the more reason why foreign investments and new company establishments in Dubai adds to the commercial and industrial development of various sectors in Dubai. These include industries like manufacturing, education, media, logistics, healthcare, etc.

Cutting Edge Infrastructure and Service industry

Another aspect is infrastructure. When it comes to infrastructure, Dubai has made an unforgettable imprint on the map of the world. The attractive transport infrastructure of Dubai has driven the UAE as one of the top three countries, surpassing UK, Canada, and the USA. Moreover, infrastructure plays a pivotal role in establishing business environments as secure and stable. The UAE is recognized for its Free Zones, top-notch shipping ports, exceptional telecommunication services, sophisticated motorway networks, a large international airport, and reliable energy and amenities. Also, the housing of shipping companies, international banks, hotels, shopping malls, advertising agencies, advanced coworking spaces, venue rentals, accounting, corporate, and management consultancy services, etc., makes Dubai an all-encompassing place for new company establishment endeavors.

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Entrepreneur-Friendly Policies

Owing to its global ranking, UAE is one of the most recognized trading hubs encouraging a wide scale of business investments in Dubai. In addition to tax exemptions and capital gains, investors and business specialists can have full ownership rights in Dubai after issuing a residency visa of 10 years. Also, with the benefits of reliable electric power, tax payments, construction permits, contract enforcement, property registrations, and safeguarding of the minority investors’ rights, Dubai is an ideal place for starting a new business setup. New investors that having limited exposure to the local laws and regulations can effectively seek assistance from the local consultancy services in Dubai to get the benefits of the business-friendly policies of Dubai.

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Ending Note

The preceding factors assent Dubai’s stable and reliable economic conditions, giving out a green indicator to the foreign and local investors. The Dubai Expo 2020 also brings in new opportunities for investors who may feel shy or intimidated without proper guidance and support. Also, seeking help from local consultancy services or new company setup firms like Corporate Business Services (CBS) can further ease the procedure for foreign investors. So, if you are looking to invest in Dubai, the preceding discussion should guide you to make the most suitable decision for your new business man oeuvres.