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According to the society for human resource management (SHRM) and done in collaboration with the drug and alcohol testing industry association (DATIA), 57% of businesses conduct drug tests on every job candidate. Amongst this testing, the other most basic kind is a urine drug test.

Drug testing can help and protect your business. Moreover, you can stop some accidents or malicious acts committed by someone under the influence of illegal drugs. Employee drug testing can help you to maintain your standard and integrity of the business.

The most common type of drug conducted by drug testing services is urinalysis. Urine presents the drug metabolites. Also provide a fast, efficient, and affordable way to manage for companies to make hiring decisions and test prospective or current employees. Here learn some facts regarding drug testing that may change your perception.

What is the most common urine drug test?

The drug testing companies often refer to specific drug tests as panel drug tests. Each particular drug tested equals one panel. For example, a 6-panel drug test examines an individual for the presence of six different substances.

The most common and a standard drug test, 5-panel urine drug test, examine a urine example for the presence of:

  • THC (Marijuana)
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Amphetamines

Can Urine testing detect a wide range of drugs?

Drug testing services test any illegal drugs like amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, etc. But the most common testing is urine drug tests that present amphetamines, cocaine, oxycodone, barbiturates, and alcohol. Moreover, urine tests detect 24 to 72 hours of previous use of drugs. Keep in mind the drug-detecting in urine tests vary depending on the drug and individual’s biology.

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Urine drug testing is a reliable and flexible solution. Whether testing is the follow-up of medication, pre-employment, or random.

What do drug testing centers do for a standard urine test?

Drug testing centers do a urinalysis; it is a test of your urine. Urinalysis is used to identify and manage a wide range of diseases. Such as infection, kidney disease, diabetes, etc. Urinalysis checking the appearance, concentration, and content of urine. If an infection occurs, then urine looks cloudy instead of clear. This test is done for several reasons:

  • Check your overall health
  • Diagnose a medical condition
  • To monitor a medical condition

Does urinalysis reveal drugs?

The urine drug test will indicate the presence of drugs in the system. The drugs detectability includes the frequent use of drugs. According to US drug centers, chronic marijuana users may test positive for four weeks or longer. The other tests, as biological samples har, may detect drugs for many longer periods.

What are the five drug testing urine facts?

  • A urine drug test can give an immediate result

The instant drug tests, negative results of urine drug tests receive on the same day. At drug testing Corpus Christi you can get immediate impact with the six-panel test. These tests, including cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, etc.

  • The urine drug test is not easy to cheat

Liable parties are always looking for a way to cheat on drug tests. But most of the techniques you will read online are nothing but legends. In reality, it isn’t easy because it is tested step by step. Even excessively, water is required to do the urine drug test. It won’t help employees to fly under the radar.

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A person who can drink a lot of water to flush the system and provide urine specimens to be clean. If the person is producing dilute urine, it means the urine is too watered for the test to provide conclusive results.

The next step depends on business policy; some accept negative dilute and some demands for the repeated test. Also, no matter if the urine test gets positive, which means the person tests positive.

  • Not every employer uses only one urine drug test

We can assume that everyone uses one generic urine drug test. Most of the employers are the same, but different US drug test centers provide various urine drug tests. As mentioned above, 6-panel drug tests, or additionally, some offer 16-panel drug tests. These panels are the most commonly abused substance and make it is on you.

The employer’s main aim is to maintain workplace drug-free and keep staff members safe and secure.

  • A urine sample can go as far back as one week

Urinate multiple times every day. So we can assume that drugs should work in that way in the human body as fast as urine. Moreover, how long some substances stay in your body as a urine test will pick them up. That’s the reason these tests can detect material harm as far as a week ago. Employers must check with certainty that their staff members are drug-free.

  •  Drug testing may be reduced overall substance

Some research on drug testing works to prevent someone from using drugs. It hasn’t proven to be conclusive; some data is undoubtedly in favor of it. As per the research, some employees will think twice about using drugs when they know that they are getting tested.

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According to health research, individual employers perform drug tests, or strict penalties are significantly less. The use of drugs also decreases.

The final words:

There are so many reasons; employers should do drug testing. Mainly the recent changes are occurring in cannabis law. 

As an employer understanding their rights and responsibilities are much more significant. So, now it is time to take action, you can contact 24/7 Onsite

They can help you manage your schedule drug test, verify your results, check your drug-free workplace policy, and maintain the safety of your productive business place.

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