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When we purchase a new Mac, it works really fast and smoothly. However, after using it for some time it becomes slow and sluggish. There are different tips and ways that you can use to speed up the Mac. You can either perform the steps to speed up the Mac or you can use one of the best Mac optimization software.

Close Unnecessary Apps


If your Mac is slow and is behaving sluggish then the first then the first steps you should take is to close the application running unnecessarily on your Mac. There are different applications that run in the background without us knowing.

Applications running in the background will take up the RAM and space that should be given to applications you want to use.

Most common way to check the apps currently running is to check the Dock that is at the bottom of your Mac. Running apps will have a small dot on its bottom.

You can also check the apps running by using the Cmd+tab button. This will show you the apps using app switcher.

Now to close the running apps you have to right click on the apps from the Dock or if you want to close the apps from the app switcher then you have to press Cmd+Q after selecting the app to close.

If you see the Force Quit option then this app may be the one that is slowing down the Mac. Also, you can kill the unresponsive apps by clicking on the Apple icon on the top left corner of the screen and click on Force Quit and then select the app for force quitting.

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Use Activity Monitor to check the memory usage

Different applications take different amounts of memory and space. The Mac operating system has a utility that helps the users to check the memory and space that an application is taking.

You can use Activity monitor to check the details of the applications running on the Mac. This Activity Monitor will help you to check the application that is hogging all the resources.

Activity Monitor will show you the process that shouldn’t be closed or can’t be closed. So instead you can check the windowed process by clicking on the View and then Windowed Processes.

Now from the Activity Monitor you have to sort the applications by the % CPU usage. This way you can check the percentage of the CPU the application is using. From the Activity Monitor you can also check the amount of Memory, Energy, Disk and Network usage of the Mac.

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Apps that are taking more CPU can be closed. However, there can be apps that need updating before closing any app to make sure that apps on your Mac are updated.

Stop programs from opening at the startup

programs from opening at the startup

Programs that are opening at start-up may slow down your Mac. So, you can stop the applications from starting at the start-up. To do so go to the System Preferences and then go to Users & Groups, from this click on the Login Items.

Login items section will help you to check the apps starting at start-up.

To remove apps from starting when you switch on the Mac, you have to click on the app and then click on the “–” button.

Find out how much space is free on Mac

space is free on Mac

Performance of the device depends upon the space on the disk. More the space on the drive, the more your Mac runs smoothly.

Mac does not have built in disk defragment utility because Mac is its functionality that will help drive to not be fragmented in the first place. However, this will only work if the disk is at least 10% free. To make space on the Mac you can just buy another disk with more space or you can delete some files from your Mac.

Upgrading the hard drive is just a temporary solution as it will also get filled up by pictures, videos, and other files. So eventually you have to delete some files from your Mac in order to free up the space.

There are different large files on the Mac that can be unused. These large files can include videos, Backups, emails, and pictures.

To check the available disk space, you have to go to About This Mac.

You have to choose the Storage in order to calculate the storage being used. You can also optimize the storage and you can also upload the pictures and videos to the iCloud and make space on your disk.

Empty the trash & downloads

Empty the trash & downloads

One of the common ways to make your Mac work fast is to empty the Trash and downloads folder.

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To empty the trash right click on the Trash and then click on Empty Trash button.

Trash should be empty and downloads should be managed. Files that are in the download folder can be unnecessary and can be deleted.

Delete old and large files

To recover space on the Mac and to speed up your Mac can delete large and old/unused files from your Mac.

You can search and sort the files from the Finder and then remove the unnecessary files.

Remove unwanted programs and widgets

Remove unwanted programs and widgets

To recover more space on Mac and speedup your Mac you can remove the applications that are not used and are unwanted. To remove the apps, you just have to drag and drop the application in the trash.

You can also remove the widgets to make your Mac smoother.

Make sure your software is up to date

Make sure your software is up to date

Always make sure that you are working with updated Mac OS. Also, make sure that all the apps installed on the Mac are also updated.

Updated applications and MacOS will help your Mac to run smoothly and will speed up the Mac.

Empty your Mac’s Caches

Caches are very useful for the working of a system. Caches will help the programs and other things to work fast. Some Caches are used by the Mac and some by other third-party applications to increase the performance.

Caches can be deleted from the path ~/Library/Caches. From this path you can delete them. In the caches folder there can be sometimes gigabytes of caches accumulated over the years and can be deleted without any problem.

Install more RAM

Usually upgrading the RAM always makes the Mac faster. However, before putting any money into it make sure that RAM will really help you to speed up the Mac.

To check if your Mac needs RAM what we can do is to open Activity Monitor. Activity Monitor will tell you about how much RAM is being used and how much it is free.

Upgrading the RAM depends upon the device you are using. Make sure that you are purchasing the same RAM that is already used in the Mac if you are not replacing the RAM. IF you are replacing the old RAM then you can max out the RAM capacity.

Use third party software to optimize the Mac:

If you do not want to use manual steps mentioned above to speed up the Mac. You can always use one of the best Mac Optimization Software I.e. Disk Clean Pro.

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Disk Clean Pro is currently one of best Mac cleaner software you can find to optimize Mac.

So, let’s talk about the features of Disk Clean Pro and how it works:

This program contains different features that will help you to speed up the Mac easily and in single click.

Disk Clean Pro

Features of Disk Clean Pro:

One-Click Cleaning – This feature will help you to clean your Mac in a single click. It will help you to clean junk, logs, crash reports, and partial downloads without any problem.

One-Click Cleaning

Optimizes Memory – Optimization of necessary is necessary for smooth functioning of the Mac. This will help you to Speed up the Mac smoothly.

Duplicates Finder – The Duplicate Finder function will allow the user to scan and find the duplicate files on the Mac. You can delete the duplicate files and make some space on the Mac.

Duplicates Finder

Internet Privacy – This feature will help you to clean the cache, cookies, and history of the browser.

Internet Privacy

Misc Cleaning – Misc cleaning feature will help you to scan and detect backup files and unneeded old download files.

Misc Cleaning

Removes Large Files – Large files scanner will help you to scan and detect large files on your system. Large files are the main reasons for the space hogging on the Mac. So, you can check the large files and delete them if unnecessary.

Old Downloads – Some time old downloads have also become un useful and can be deleted without any problem.

Disk Clean Pro is one of the best Disk Cleaner for Mac that will also help you to speed up the Mac in general. It is a simple mac cleaner that will help you to increase your Mac’s speed and performance.


Speeding up the Mac can be done manually or we can use Mac optimization software that will help us to speedup the Mac automatically. Manually cleaning a Mac can be a time consuming task so what we can do is use third party software for automatically cleaning up the Mac.

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