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When is the time to move on, some business owners may ask? While there are probably 50 or more good reasons, but for the purposes of this article, I’ll highlight a few. If you are running a standalone eCommerce solution that is not tied to your accounting system, that may be the first reason. If you’re running a simple sales force automation system like ACT !,

The biggest justification of NetSuite developer may come with people running simple production planning and scheduling functions on spreadsheets. By distributing spreadsheets, businesses waste time, and mistakes can easily be made. Also, once production scheduling is complete, there is generally no “return” to the accounting system. The justification for a systematic planning and scheduling system tied to your back office may lie in reduced inventory, better customer service, or reduced lead time. If you can add an ‘available to promise’ to send an order to a key customer or prospect, you may be able to improve your top line as well.

From a NetSuite consultant point of view, you may start to wonder why servers are growing in some hidden room in your company. Well, with all these disparate systems, it is often easier to add a server than to try to consolidate applications on one server. This adds complexity and increases your dependency on expensive IT staff.

Find a subscription-based online solution that combines ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and business intelligence in one simple solution. In summary, small businesses can benefit from:

1) Reduce ‘islands of automation,’ which require password change and lead to errors

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2) Reduce dependency on internal systems and IT staff

3) Dive into advanced integration application areas such as after-sales service, planning/scheduling, e-commerce and configuration management, and comprehensive sales force automation.

4) You can save time and money by staying connected with all your employees while you are out of the office or working remotely.

5) You will increase the productivity by giving them access to the latest technologies in inventory management, customer management, and marketing tools at a minimal cost.

Some points that will lead you to adopt for your business.

  • You can purchase the exclusive software for your business needs, provided by the experts, which would otherwise have been too expensive for you.
  • No have to purchase a variety of expensive hardware and software solutions needed to run your business.
  • You don’t worry about the expiration of data, licenses, or space when you need it most.

The above points may be reason enough for your increased interest in cloud computing, but just as important is your continued interest in choosing the best business solution provider for you. Cloud computing platform like NetSuite offers cloud software that is industry-specific. In order for your NetSuite-enabled website to work according to your needs, a good consulting company is essential. Your NetSuite integration partners will improve your website performance and generate more business. You can search online for your NetSuite partners.

NetSuite and SuiteCommerce Apps:

There are some new initiatives by SuiteMarkets which is a 3rd party app platform that allows you to purchase SuiteCommerce and NetSuite ERP apps/features. It’s a great way to find existing solutions for NetSuite ERP or SuiteCommerce. It’s something to keep in mind as the platform continues to grow and more features get listed. Since it is free to list solutions, there are more smaller applications being listed such as order tracking, blogs, custom themes, customer center add-ons, in addition to software companies. SuiteApp is another area to find pre built solutions and is run by NetSuite, however, it tends to be geared towards integrations with other software companies rather than a place to purchase bundles, scripts, themes, and extensions.

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Potential NetSuite Use Cases:

As you understand more about NetSuite, take a look at this article if you want to learn more about SuiteCommerce as the preferred ecommerce solution for your Oracle NetSuite ecommerce platform.

This is a good way to progress into ecommerce if you currently don’t have an online presence. Emerging companies are typically smaller and on the entry level side for NetSuite ERP and SuiteCommerce. For instance, a retail company that focuses on outdoor equipment would be a good fit to utilize SuiteCommerce to sell more products. Not only would SuiteCommerce be a good fit, but NetSuite ERP can help manage shipments, payments, inventory, new writer applications, and other publishing company information. In general, SuiteCommerce Standard is a better fit for the emerging market rather than SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) simply due to the price difference.

Find a NetSuite Ecommerce Partner:

No matter what platform you decide to implement, make sure you have an expert team by your side helping build the ideal ecommerce experience. You should always have a NetSuite partner that is specialized in SuiteCommerce as their primary focus. If you search the term “SuiteCommerce implementation partner” in Google, you will find the top partners that have a SCA focus for their NetSuite services. If you are checking out all types of ecommerce platforms and want to see how SuiteCommerce compares to Shopify, take a look at ecommerce reviews that helps break down the difference.