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Skip bins are large-sized containers that are often used to carry rubbish and then dump it somewhere into the dumping pits. The word “skip” is derived from the word “skep” that means a rubbish carrying basket. You will often see skip bins nearby construction sites and waste removal trucks. But skip bin hire is also available for other business and residential purposes. This is very useful if you are amidst a messy home make-over and would like to hire a skip bin to chuck all the loose bits into.  They provide cost-effective friendly service that is second to none, offering a great range of bin sizes suitable for all your needs.  So, before you go for a skip bin hire here are few things you need to consider.

Ease of Hire

When looking for skip bin hire, select the one that has the least formality. The company should have the easiest and helpful ordering system possible. Usually, a company will ask you to submit your postal code, type of bin you require and then confirm the dates. The process needs to be as simple as that.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Waste comes under different categories and effective recycling depends on the right kind of segregation of the waste. Improper segregation will result in clogging up the recycle plants and in turn, will cause more harm to the environment. Right, skip bin hire company must provide you with a comprehensive range of bins to deal with all kinds of waste. They should provide you with the best cost-effective, time-saving and eco-friendly solution.   That’s it is always suggested to go for professional skip bin hire service as they have experienced team of tradesmen that can offer you the solution pertaining to which waste should go to which bin and provide a versatile service covering different types of waste that will be produced.

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Types of Skip Bin Hire

General Waste Bins: This covers the general kind of waste produced in household and offices.  It is a widely provided service by waste disposal companies. You can dispose of any general waste in this bin, for instance, any furniture that is beyond repair and cannot be used anymore. It also includes any office waste that cannot be recycled.

Green Waste Bins: As the name suggests, this is organic waste that can be absorbed into the earth. These are perfect if you are setting up or dissembling a garden. You can also dispose of dead trees and branches in these bins. It is the easiest of all waste types and most cost-efficient also.

Concrete Bins: You should hire this if you are demolishing some structure. Concrete and bricks can be used to make other useful materials. This will ensure your waste is put to best use.

Options Available According to Budget and Requirements

Not every project has the same requirements, so the company should provide you with a flexible skip bin hire plan that fits your budget and project you are working on.  The company should provide a comprehensive range of different sized bins depending on the project. Smaller bins are usually cheaper but may not be the best for a big project. So choose accordingly, otherwise, take guidance from skip bin hire as they handle waste regularly and can help you decide which will be the best for you.


No one is happy with the slow service especially when it comes to waste disposal. You should hire a company that offers 24/7 service. This way you will be able to dispose of the waste as quickly as possible. If you are going to place the bin in a common access area, you need to remove the bins as soon as possible.