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A bedroom is a special place in your entire house. When it is about revamping the bed place, no one would want something to do except the best! With the current trends of minimal furnishings and contemporary bedroom interior concepts, it is much simpler to make your bedroom look more with less. No matter what your interior will make your bedroom look like, you can always add value to it by doing it yourself. 

Bedroom lights are the center of inspiration. Perhaps they can brighten each dark corner of your bedroom! This guide talks about five cheap DIY lighting ideas for your bedroom. Not only are these ideas cheap but also quirky and captivating. No matter which one of them you pick, you won’t regret your bedroom appearance. 


1. Jar Lights

Whether it is your bedroom or a party, fairy lights are the most popular for decorating. Although, jar lights are more slick and stylish. For your bedroom DIY lighting ideas, making glow jars is on top of the list. To make glow jars, you only need two things. Jars & strings of fairy lights, and you’re done. It is the simplest way of making jar lights for your bedroom. You can check these five ways of making glow jars and choose which one you want to make for your bedroom. 

Generally, making glow jars in a set of three or five looks more fascinating. For those who want to create a magical vibe in their bedroom by doing the slimmest DIY effort, glow jars are the perfect lighting option. The small yet dainty light bulbs in the fairy lights make the bedroom look incredible! 

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2. Pendant Lights and Chandeliers

Combining both well your little electrical know-how and innovation skills, you can renovate your bedroom super dramatically. It takes only to watch a five-minute tutorial to learn how to make a pendant light for your bedroom. After that, you will be able to create a masterpiece for your bedroom. The benefit of making a pendant light yourself is that you can match the light shades according to your interior and bedroom hues. Also, when it requires, you can change or replace the pendant light by making a new one again yourself!

By recycling and reusing some of your home materials, you can make a dazzling pendant light of its kind. You can make a string pendant to make your bedroom look elegant. Try making branch pendant lights to give your bedroom a stunning look. 

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Like a pendant light, another option to make your ceiling look spectacular is to create a DIY chandelier. With the same materials of making a pendant light and an extension cord, you can make a perfect chandelier for your bedroom. Search online for DIY chandelier making ideas and you’ll be thrilled to discover a few really amazing ideas. To name a few, you can make DIY chandeliers using lamps, fairy light straps, ping-pong balls, twinkle lights, crystals, pearls, glam bubbles, pastel glass bottles, wood beads, and feathers.


3. Cloth Chandelier

Skip visiting a lighting store for purchasing an expensive cloth chandelier. Instead, make it one at your home for yourself at a minimal cost. The awesome part of this fabric chandelier is that it is inexpensive than it looks like, and it is more attractive than you’ve ever believed it to be! 

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If you aren’t a big fan of sewing or knitting, you can simply knot the circular ring’s fabric strips. Plus, you need not to cut all the fabric strips by your own. Put a minor cut at the end of each strip and tear it down the complete way! Rather than using LED lights, accommodate white or warm white Christmas Lights in the chandelier. You can add some chic laces in the outer edge to make your chandelier look prettier. 


4. Cloud Lighting

Learning how to make a DIY cloud light is not at all difficult after seeing how breathtaking it looks! Choosing to pursue a DIY cloud light for your bedroom is something you’ll love for the rest of your life. You only need paper lanterns, glue gun, paper batting, white light strips, fishing line, and wooden dowel, to make your favorite cloud light. Wherever you hang this cloud light, it will look fantastic in your room. 


5. Flameless Fire Pit Light

To bring grace indoors, make the flameless fire pit light shown in the below picture. Alternatively, you can even make a campfire by taking wood sticks, wrapping them in glue and white laces & foils. Encircle your fire with actual stones and your bedroom is all set for a firing lighting look. This unique idea of DIY flameless fire pit will make you pat your back once you finish installing it in your bedroom for sure. 



So, now you know that DIY ideas are easy, quick, interesting, and affordable all at the same time. You can adopt any of these lighting ideas for your bedroom and make it a more lovable, dearer, and beautiful place. Often, we underestimate the bedroom lighting needs while planning interiors. However, lighting plays a super important role in making some place look charismatic. We hope these DIY ideas inspired you enough to start working on creating at least one of them!