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Course planners, expert business trainers, and teachers use specific tools to create courses and deliver them to end-users. In this article, you will learn about top e-Learning tools that will help you master your online teaching.

1 – SoGoSurvey Quiz

SoGoSurvey QuiZ tool is the most trusted software in the eLearning industry for creating quizzes and surveys for educational purposes. With so many attractive features, you can create a quiz for the course and share it with all the participants. Quizzes are the best way to increase students’ interest in learning something new.

2 – XMind

A definite arrangement that helps envision and develop your idea is the primary key to building a successful course. Our brain works like a net and actively uses associations. With XMind, you can fabricate a chart that pictures your idea for what it’s worth. You draw what’s at the forefront of your thoughts.

Don’t forget about essential tools from the real world: a piece of paper and a pen. Every single great idea starts on paper. It’s likewise vital to take pictures of your works and drawings to keep them safe. Use a camera on your smartphone to save your sketches and keep them organized.

3 – Evernote

Creating a course consistently involves a ton of arranging, which is often based on interaction with other people or departments inside your organization. Use Evernote to create plans and to-do lists, and share them with colleagues. You can likewise make notes on images. Everything is stored in the cloud, so it’s available everywhere and on any device.

4 – iSpring Suite

Eventually, you’ll need a writing tool to create a course. It will be the core of your online learning bundle. There are numerous tools on the market, and this one doesn’t require any extra preparation. With iSpring Suite, you can transform your PowerPoint presentations into professional instructional classes with tests, video portrayals, screencasts, and interactive elements. iSpring HTML5 conversion technology preserves all the effects from your unique .pptx file, including changes, complex animations, and triggers.

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With the implicit Quiz Maker tools, you can create complex assessments with up to 11 graded question types, also, to utilize fanning features and advanced scoring alternatives.

5 – Camtasia

Use Camtasia for recording screen capture on the off chance that you need some descriptive video in your course. Few out of every odd course contains video capture or software simulations; however, they can make it more distinctive and descriptive. Ask yourself: does anyone from your learners prefer video tutorials to written guidelines?

6 – Raptivity

Gamification, one of the hottest recent trends in e-Learning, has proved to be an effective method to engage learners with the course material by challenging them to win. It is imperative to keep the learner’s attention all through the course, and interactive features will help you achieve this. Raptivity and available on their website provide the library of different interactions.

7 – Dropbox/Google Drive

If you need to share your projects and every single supplementary file with colleagues or a huge audience, you can use a simple arrangement like Dropbox. Put every one of your projects and documents in the cloud and use it for preview, share, or particular battles.

Google Drive will provide up to 15 GB of free space to store your documents and undoubtedly cool online document editing tools. Google Drive is the best place for collaborative work with its real-time suggestions and comments, synced among all members.

8 – Litmos

In case you want to run complex teaching, register students, assess them online, and manage the rest of the educational process, you will need a convenient LMS. It will automatically follow learners’ actions and provide a complete set of reports, analyze the effectiveness of your preparation, and monitor your sales movement (SalesForce integration).

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Litmos is one of the easiest to use LMSes on the market. The system is useful for employee learning, customer preparation, compliance preparing, etc. It features a simple and powerful dashboard, handy feature list necessary for online teaching. Also, your learners will get the free application for iPad and Android, which will be their gateway to the courses in your Litmos account.

9 – Skype/GoToMeeting

Converse with your students face to face. Use Skype or Citrix GoToMeeting to have online meetings during the course development stage, or even to lecture online. This will create a 21st-century study hall, where everybody is learning from their homes.

10 – WordPress/Blogpost

Run your blog to promote your courses and share your ideas and knowledge. Needless to say that the blog requires steady work, yet it will be a massive advantage to your marketing efforts. Use informal communities to promote your courses and give your huge audience a snappy preview of what’s available at a glance.

The most famous ones are Facebook and Twitter; they will effectively work alongside your blog. Whenever used well, this strategy ordinarily doubles the traffic that goes to your website.

11 – VEED

Simple online video editing to create professional content to grow your audience online.

Use VEED.IO to build your social following, creating engaging marking content, education video and pretty much any other type of video content. Veed editing tools are designed for creating engaging social content, not films and TV shows. Our tools are built so you can make great content fast and our editor was designed to be simple so no previous experience is needed.

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12 – RecordCast

Do you want a very fast tool to record what you do on the screen, without even having to sign up on any platform?
Try RecordCast, a website that allows you to create screencasting and share what you do on your PC screen, recording your voice commentary, and it allows us to shoot via camera.
RecordCast is 100% free and has no usage limits. It is absolutely private. All registrations are processed directly in the browser, so no data is sent to online servers. At the end of the recording, the video is downloaded in WebM format.


We hope that these e-Learning tools will help you create beautiful and professional courses, deliver them to your learners, and track their effectiveness (both learners and courses).

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