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Having the right windows treatments on your home, office or any building windows is essential for any interior décor. From providing window covering functionality to playing a vital role in room aesthetics, windows blinds do it all. Also, whether you have roller window blinds, wooden venetians, metal blinds or any others, everything has end of life cycle.

There can be many reasons why you’d have to replace your windows treatments. Depending on their covering styles, materials and quality of attached cords, different blinds can stay functional for different time periods. However, there can be some situations where blinds can also get damaged pretty early in their lives. Here are some reasons why you will have to replace windows blinds this year:

1: Bent or Warped Slats on Windows Blinds

Metal blinds, more specifically aluminum blinds are nice and affordable. However, one of the biggest problems with them is bent or warped slats. Since aluminum slats are intentionally made very thing and light, they are easily bent. Any pets in the house, kids or in many cases, adults can bend slats.

Metal venetian blinds can so often have warped slats. When you have these window treatments on bathroom windows, a casual misplaced hand can even bend slats. Also, usually, these bends go to a point where they are impossible to unbend. Aluminum strips get bend marks that cannot be removed.

Unless, you are willing to go through the troubles of straightening and repainting these slats, replacing them will be the option. Here also, you can either replace the bent slats (if they are a short number) or replace the whole blinds.

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2: Discoloring or Fading of Windows Blinds

Windows blinds are often the first layer of contact between sunlight and your interiors. Regular exposure to the sun can discolor even the best of windows treatments. Especially when you have wooden window blinds or even rollers and vertical blinds, discoloring can happen after a while.

This discoloring or fading can make your windows blinds look very untidy and out of place. Whether their functionality is compromised yet or not, discoloring alone can be enough of a reason for replacing windows blinds. There are options for sunlight proofing coats on blinds as well. Explore them for maximum life cycle of windows blinds.

3: Blinds Won’t Move Up or Down Easily

Another common problem most windows blinds can run into is compromised movement. Being window treatments, blinds need to cover windows and also reveal them as needed. Whether your blinds are causing problems being slid down or up, it is cause for concern. Many factors can be at play with this.

Most blinds move on windows with connected cords and strings. They will also have pulling mechanisms on cords used to cover or reveal windows. If these mechanisms get damaged or simply wear out with usage, it maybe time to change them. Sometimes, strings can also be changed for functionality restore.

4: Your Blinds Aren’t Child and Pet Proof

Window treatments more specifically windows blinds are often made from thin layers of woods, metals or other hard materials. Their slats can often have sharp ends and edges that can cause injuries to children or pets. Also, sometimes slats coming out of their grooves can be even more dangerous.

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If you have such blinds and also children or pet presence in the house, replacing blinds is a must. Children or pets playing near windows can easily have their eyes poked with shard edged slats. Child proof blinds are available that allow for much more risk-free functionality at all times.

Pleated blinds that have soft coatings on their aluminum slats are great child and pet proof window treatments options. These provide a soft layer at first contact that eliminates any cuts and bruises risks. Also, roller blinds with soft bottom bits and vertical blinds can suit nicely as well.

5: Blinds Slats Won’t Close Fully and Correctly

Whether blinds slats get bent or stop closing fully and correctly, they will let in daylight when you don’t want. Also, privacy for any room can get compromised with not fully closing blinds slats. Whether you sleep during the day or just want blackout rooms, these kinds of blinds won’t be idea.

If you have this problem in your window treatments and blinds, replacing them can be a good solution. However, if you have expensive blinds, try to get them fixed if they can be. Sometimes, changing a few faulty slats or strings can renew your windows blinds functionality.

Especially, in case of wooden blinds, metal venetians or any other ones with slats, repair jobs are easily possible. Replacing individual slats will of course cost a lot less than the whole thing too. However, replacing slats will not always be the available option.

6: You Are Redoing Your Interior Décor

If you are redoing your interior design themes, changing window treatments with it will almost be necessary. It is almost impossible to match your interior décor designs with windows blinds. However, you can easily find window treatments that go nicely with any kinds of interior theme settings.

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Also, your expenses trying to match interior designs with blinds will be off the chart. On the other hand, blinds in different colors, designs and finishes are available easily. Get the ones that suit your needs perfectly and replace your windows blinds with that new interior décor.

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