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If you think that you are qualified and skilled enough to translate any type of document and if you think that you don’t need any type of online translation services, then there are maximum chances that you haven’t tried translating anything yet. Well, when you start translating your first document, you will realize the complexity involved in translation and you will find the rise of online translation services relevant and perfect for the current market.

There are many things that can go wrong while translating even the simplest type of document and this is one of the main reasons why people prefer professional translation services for special document translation like birth certificate translation. But if you are still reluctant on making birth certificate translation a DIY project then there are some of the common mistakes that rookie translators make while dealing with any type of document.

Word by word translation

Since you don’t have any experience with translation, one of the first things that you will do while dealing with birth certificate translation is to translate the whole document word by word. Well, the same thing is done by Google Translator and if you have used it then you must be aware of the extent of mistakes it can make. There are many things that go into proper translation other than translating the document word by word. From the cultural barriers to the specific message being conveyed through the document, there are various things that one needs to consider.

Not having knowledge of the language

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Every language has its own style and pattern and if you have learned that language only through online courses then you should never try your hands at birth certificate translation. If you will not follow the pattern and style of that particular language, you will end up translating oranges to apple and this will prove to be disastrous for you, especially if your content has some special purpose like generating sales or regulatory compliance. An experienced translator will have complete knowledge of both the base and target language and this is why he will be able to give you precise translation service.

Missing the tone

If you are going to translate a document written by someone else and if that person wishes to convey the same message in another language without hampering the tone and style of writing then you will surely fail at it. You will just follow the simple formula of translating the word and phrases into another language and you will keep on losing the essence of tone and style of the original document. This can surely hamper the communication and you might end up conveying something else than what the author of the content intended.

Use of complex sentences

Most of the people who are not familiar with the basic techniques of translation end up using complex words and sentences for making the content look enticing. But you need to understand that you are not writing an article for Forbes, you are just trying to make a document readable to an audience that is not used to the original language of the document and this is why there will be no use of complex words and sentences.

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There are many things that can go wrong if you choose to translate even the simplest piece of the document on your own and this is why instead of translating the document on your own, you should choose a professional translation service. In addition to getting rid of the hassle of translation, you will get the content translated in minimal possible time.

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