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A few years from now, significant improvements have been seen in web development. An increase in the use of the internet has been observed with the coming of smartphones. If the website is outdated or uninviting then the visitors can bounce back. You can lose your customers if your business has a poor site. So, it is necessary for you to have a site that is compelling and unique. Sometimes, for saving money, some small companies design sites by themselves. This can lead to a website design that is not up to the mark. Therefore, it becomes necessary for them to learn how to design a good website. The concept behind designing a good website needs to be understood first. Here are the 6 website design mistakes you need to avoid for small business.

1.The CTA is not good – Your business’ gateway is your CTA. It tells the website users to perform a particular action on the site like getting a coupon or clicking on somewhere. The CTA needs to be like that it guides the visitors for performing the required action. However, if the CTAs are not helpful then it can annoy the visitors. The visitors always like a concise CTA. We will call a CTA as good if it commands the visitors properly for performing the required action in the right manner.

2.Improper use of whitespace and the content – For your marketing campaign as well your website, a crucial part is the content. Your company may be offering various services and products. For informing the readers about these the content plays a good role. Your content needs to be very good and so it is important to choose fonts carefully. A font that is attractive and legible will help in conveying the image of your brand. Also, if there is so much text then you can make it look good by properly using the whitespace. For representing the concepts, make the use of visual elements. Along with this it is necessary to keep the content fresh and updated so as to retain the visitors’ interest in it.

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3.Irrevelant or ugly images – We can consider graphics and images as web design’s integral part. Without reading the complete text you can understand the complex thoughts with the help of images. If you will use images of low quality then the visitors will take little interest in your site. For conveying your message clearly to the readers and preventing them from getting confused, always use relevant images.

4.Poor navigation – Poor navigation decreases the popularity of your site. Today’s website visitors want the results quickly and immediately. If you will make them wait for some more time then they can leave your site. A web design mistake that is very common is creating a navigation menu that a visitor cannot discover easily. You have to ensure easily noticeable navigational features, so that the visitors can understand it easily.

5.A confusing website – If a brand website confuses the visitors then they can abandon the site. When there is an improper relation among the themes, color palettes, images and typefaces of a site then we will call such a site as the confusing one. There can be various reasons behind this. An improper knowledge of the image of your brand can be one of the reasons. If you have a large number of design templates and you take interest in using all these then this kind of problem can arise. If you take interest in conveying a large number of ideas in a single page, then also this kind of problem can arise. Always use one typeface, one logo and one theme in the design of your site.

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6.No contact information – We will call it a big mistake if you do not provide your contact information in your site. How will the visitors purchase the items of your brand if they do not know your contact details? If you will not provide the contact information in the site then it can frustrate the visitors and they can leave the site. So, it is necessary to provide the contact information in the “Contact Us” page that you will create.

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