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Page-less design is the new trend in the world of Web Designing. This type of web design is gaining popularity for its ability to offer users a great experience.

Is this Page-less Design that everyone talks about the new trend in design? Let us find some more information about it in the following.

What exactly does Page-less Design represent?

This trend in web design is the sheer simplicity of the elements, the clarity of the layout. Its clean and flat shapes distinguish it.

The concept works without variations in the layout structure, such as chamfers, relief, gradients, or other tools that add depth. Each element or box is clear. Nothing realistic is added.

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Benefits of Page-less Website Design:

– One-page or Page-less design is mobile friendly and looks great on all types of devices

– It is affordable

– Scrolling beats clicking

– You can structure your story well

– It is emotionally and viscerally satisfying

– It generates higher rates of conversion

– That encourages sharing experience and decreases bounce rates

– It will make your iteration faster, easier, and more effective

What makes this concept work?

All part of the hierarchy in the design and placement of elements facilitates the understanding and interaction of users. For example, with small screens, fewer buttons, and options make an interface flat relatively easier and more practical to use.

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Let’s give some examples of Flat design:

The simplicity of the elements:

Many simple user interface elements, like buttons and icons, are used. They are often simple shapes, such as rectangles, circles, or squares. Play in bold with colour on clickable buttons to encourage use, perhaps a different shade. But don’t confuse simple elements with a simple design. Page-less Design concepts can be as complex as any other type of design scheme.

Focus on Typography:

In this case, typography is extremely important. The tone of the fonts must match the scheme of the rest of the layout. A heavily produced font can look strange in a super simple design. They can also be bold but simple and efficient.

Focus on Colour:

Colour can be a big challenge. In Page-less Design, the colour palettes, most of the time, are much brighter and more colourful than those of other sites. But remember that there are a few exceptions to every rule.

The tones tend to be vibrant, without hues. Primary and secondary colours are popular. In this interplay of the trend, retro colours – including salmon, purple, green, and blue – are especially popular.

Minimalist approach:

Avoid too much freshness in the overall design of the site. Colour and plain text may be enough. If you want to add visual effects, opt for simple photography.

Characteristics of a Page-less Website design:

Among the characteristics of Page-less web design are the following:

– The number of web colour used in this type of design is small. Generally, the same hue is used with different saturation, choosing different gradients, if necessary, to create contrast between the text, images, and the background. In general, shades such as white, black, or gray are used.

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– This design style is characterized by being flat without many effects that create depth. Therefore, it is a sharp design that does not have shadows or blurred edges.

Generally, the Sans Serif font is used to combine the typography with the site’s style. Likewise, fonts such as Arial, Tahoma, known as “no finish” fonts, are often used.

– Simple buttons whose colour can match the theme of the site are used. It is advisable to use light colour.

– Simple logos are used for this type of design. The logo of your site must communicate the values ​​of your brand, so it is advisable to use a simple logo that can convey the message you want to your users.

Overall, the Page-less Web Design focuses on the use of words, avoiding unnecessary overuse of them. It provides many benefits to SEO.

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