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Did you know that a quarter of the US population has tried CBD? In recent years, 50 states in the US have legalized CBD. This rise in legalization is linked to the many medical and wellness benefits of CBD. 

Vape pens and kits are the most popular devices used in the consumption of CBD oil. There are so many ways you can ingest CBD. Vape pens and vape kits are the most bioavailable way. This means that you will experience CBD benefits like pain relief in an instant when you use a CBD oil vape pen or vape kit.

What is a CBD Oil Vape Pen?

A CBD oil vape pen or kit is a portable device (pocket-size) used to heat CBD oil into vapor for easy ingestion. Most of these vape kits have a cylindrical shape, and their size resembles that of the normal office pens.

CBD vape pens and kits have four major parts. They include:

  • A battery that powers the vape pen.
  • A heating element/ atomizer for heating the CBD oil to vapor.
  • A chamber/ tank for holding the CBD oil concentrate being vaporized.
  • A mouthpiece for directing the vapor to your mouth.

Depending on the brand, CBD oil vape pens and kits have distinct specifications and features. Some have button controls for turning them on and setting the ideal temperature, while others use sensors and actuators.

Which is the best CBD oil vape pen or kit?

For a CBD oil vape pen and kit to be considered among the best, it should meet some standards. These standards include:

    • Safety profile. (the best vape pen should not lack some key safety features. Some vape pens and kits use lip sensing technology, while on others, you must click on the power button up to five times to turn on the device. These features prevent the vape pen or kit from turning on while in your pocket.
  • Battery life. (you need a vape pen or kit with a battery that can last for as long as you wish on a single recharge. If you like traveling a lot, you need a vape pen battery that can last a whole week without a recharge.)
  • USB charging. (your vape pen or kit is guaranteed of having a port for recharging in almost every place if its charging system is compatible with USB.)
  • Aesthetics. (you want a vape pen whose looks and build quality matches its performance.)
  • Warranty. (a warranty for your  CBD oil vape pen makes sure that you will get the most out of it, especially if it an unquestionable. You will buy the vape device without worrying about it stopping functioning after a week.)
  • Heat settings. (vape pens with low heat settings deliver the best flavor while those with higher heat settings create more giant clouds. Inorder to allow you to customize your experience, the best CBD vape pen or kit should have at least three heat settings.)
  • Quality airflow. (a vape pen with increased airflow guarantees you that the vapor will not be too harsh to your throat.
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How to use a CBD oil pen or kit?

Before you start vaping on your CBD oil vape pen or kit, you should prepare it for use. The first step is to ensure that the device is fully charged. If you are using it for the very first time you should first charge the vape pen battery to avoid the shock of thinking that the battery is dead.

You should then put on your loaded cartridge or tank on the vape pen and turn on the CBD oil vape pen or kit. If the device has a power button, click on it five time while if it is draw activated, it will turn on automatically and go into sleep mode when not in use.

Always set the CBD vape device at your ideal temperature setting. If you prefer more flavor, you should use the lowest setting while if you would like cloudy vapor, use the highest voltage settings.

Most vaping experts would recommend that you start with small hits and longer intervals between hits (3 minutes). This help you monitor how CBD impacts your body. With time, you can then increase the size of the hits and how frequent you will take them.

Key takeaway.

CBD oil vape pens and kits are usually packaged with user manual which will deeply guide you on the correct usage of your specific batch. Always read and follow your user  manual.

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