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Over the years, the shoe industry has evolved aggressively. Every week, the manufacturers introduce new products in the market, and with so much saturation, the customers demand creativeness and innovativeness. The shoe boxes offer an excellent opportunity to get your name on the list of top industry leaders. The protection is just their primary purpose; however, they also provide a hand in marketing your brand and its services across all the continents. With some excellent printing techniques available in the market, you can turn these boxes into the revenue driver for your company. Here is a compilation of some luxury styles of these packages and their brief overview.

Boxes with windowpanes:

These types of shoe boxes are the most classical structures that have become famous in a very short span of time. They are build using die-cut technology, which involves the operation of a specifically shaped die to cut the desired part of the packaging. The cut can be made at any area of the box, like the lid, front-facing side, or backside. A translucent PVC sheet takes the place of that cut part that brings more innovation to the box. As a result, the customers become able to view the shoes clearly, and what is more, they do not have to touch the box in this process.

Pull-out packages:

These are the most interesting types of shoe packages that are usually crafted out of sturdy cardboard material. They comprise of two key components, a lid called sleeve and a bottom called slider or tray. This tray slides in the sleeve to make the product opening experience more interesting, and thus, incentivizing the clients to make some prompt sales. On the bottom or slider, they usually have a cut-out that is exactly built according to the dimensions of the shoes to pack in. The main purpose of this is to ensure that the shoes remain in their original posture by putting a halt to their internal movement inside the box.

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Carry able box:

The carry cable box is perhaps the most luxurious style of shoe packaging and has built a huge fan base in no time. It has a flat and square bottom for the placement of the product, and on its lid, it has two ends that fold up into the handle to form a canopy and triangular-shaped box. The handle is constructed from corrugated cardstock, which is sturdy enough to give a firm grip over it. It is valued by the clients who know the importance of facilitation and convenience in product handling from one point to the other.

Shoulder style:

The shoulder boxes are impressive structures that usually have a spacing between the lid and bottom of their side. The middle section that demarcates the top and lower sections of the box is called the shoulder. This shoulder serves as their distinctive point and ranks them as luxury packages for shoe packing. It can be colored to provide an ideal contrast to the lid and bottom of the boxes. There is a lot of concern among the people regarding the security capability of these packages because of the spacing in the center. This spacing does not mean that the externalities are free to enter in the packages; it just serves as the demarcating line between the top and lower section to create an expensive look.

Regular slotted containers:

Regular slotted containers are an interesting type of shoe packaging that also gives an expensive look with their unique and sleek design. They have flaps that bear the same length from the area of the score to the edge. They are rendered ideal for the shipping of shoes to longer distances because of their massive strength that is mainly derived from their cardboard construction. They do not offer much customization flexibility as some other styles of shoe packages, but they definitely let you print and change the external design the way you desire.

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Roll end tuck top:

It is the most creative type of shoe packaging that probably looks more premium than other types of packaging styles. Its assembling process involves the operation of folding only, and there is no requirement of any taping or gluing for the complete closure. This way, they save you cost on the additional charges of procuring binding tapes and glues. Above all, the closure looks neater than other packages that have a lot of binding stuff. The finishing options, such as gold foiling, can be applied to its lid to give it a more outstanding look and enhance its expensiveness.

Hexagonal box:

This is one of the most premium styles of shoe packages that help in an inspiring presentation of the shoes. They have six sides and are divided into the same number of sections with the help of cardboard-made partitions with a window over each section. This way, several shoes can be placed within the same box with a more interesting display that enhances their perceived value in the market segment. They are usually bigger in size that reduces their luxuriousness a little bit, but they still serve a great deal in impressing a large proportion of the target audience.

In short, there are manifold luxury versions of shoe boxes, each of them providing an irresistible functional and visual appeal. The pull-out boxes are receiving great appreciation in the market segment than the other styles. However, some other styles, such as carry-able boxes, hexagonal boxes, roll end tuck tops, and regular slotted containers, are also getting quite trendy.