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Traveling to places makes you survive many lives at the same time. Every region you explore is equivalent to a different life and boasts a diverse culture. You get to traverse the popular attractions and experience an altogether different time. If you’re a pothead who likes to try out the different cannabis varieties, then the weed-friendly destinations are the places to start. You can satiate the wanderlust and fetch the perfect weed varieties at the same time. All you need to do is sit back and list down the best 420-friendly location worldwide. 


In case you’re still confused, keep reading to know the best weed destinations around the world.


  1. Canada 

If you’re a beginner in weed travel, you must start exploring countries that legalized marijuana. One such enthralling country that satiates every pothead is none other than the Canadian province. With the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in 2018, you can grab the finest strains here. Also, you get to explore the regions featuring beautiful cannabis cultivation fields. From the bewildering natural aesthetics to the mouth-watering cuisine, you must try it all. Also, make sure to couple up the journey with the best high using some unique Canadian strains. Some specific strains to try are AK-47, Lowryder, and M-39. Make sure to take the CBD vape pens that are safe along to experience the best weed trip. 


  1. The Netherlands 


Here’s another country that’s quite lenient about the use of marijuana for recreational aspects. The Netherlands is a heaven for the weed-lovers all over the globe. You can explore the ecstatic coffee shops that feature some top-notch cannabis sales. What’s even better is that you can fetch the cannabis for your acquaintances as well. You can stick up on around 5 grams of marijuana without thinking twice in the region. However, don’t get too caught up in the collection of your pots. Instead, head out and explore the attractions like Anne Frank House and Rijksmuseum. End your trip with the best collection of marijuana belonging to many strains and potencies. 

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  1. Uruguay 

South American countries are quite tolerant when it comes to using marijuana and related herbs. Also, the first country to legalize the recreational use of cannabis is a South American one itself. You must embark upon the journey towards Uruguay and experience the best marijuana vacation ever. With the beautiful beaches and lush green mountains nearby, you get to enjoy the high amidst nature. Also, you are likely to make some Uruguayan friends in the process and share unique weed. In case you are curious, you can always sign up for cannabis tours. Not only will it enhance the quality of your exploration, but also allows you to try the diverse strains.


  1. Jamaica 


Here’s another country that provides a memorable experience to the stoners who like to explore. Jamaican culture boasts top-notch festivities and usage of ganja now and then. Also, you can get your hands on the best varieties without caring about the legal aspects. From the appeal of reggae music to the abundance of marijuana in Rastafarian culture, you are likely to enjoy them all. Also, head to the Caribbean beaches with your unique cannabis varieties. It’s about time that you enjoy the Jamaican weed with some delicious sea-food by the beach shore. 


Cover up the Jamaican forests and spend a night by the hills on a campsite. That way, you can smoke your pots without caring about the legal aspects. 


  1. Spain 


The Spanish government doesn’t legalize cannabis, but that doesn’t stop the citizens from cultivating it. You can get your hands on the fresh cannabis buds while enjoying the vacation in Spain. In case you’re a stoner, don’t forget to explore the cannabis clubs in Barcelona. With the trippy music and hallucinating effect of Spanish cannabis, you will likely experience the best time here. However, you might need to book the clubs before months altogether. The cannabis clubs in Barcelona allow only the members to have a good time inside. 

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Once you grab the best strains, try out the mouth-watering Spanish cuisine. Some dishes that you must not miss out on are Gazpacho and Paella. 


  1. Alaska 


Who wouldn’t want to relish the stunning northern lights with some fine Alaskan cannabis? For all the potheads, Alaska provides double benefits. You can experience the unique geographical marvel like aurora borealis and grab the best strains simultaneously. However, make sure not to smoke marijuana in public places like Denali national park. You must book the private property and head out after you achieve the trip. Cover up the largest glaciers and experience the pleasant weather of the country on your weed travel. 


  1. Costa Rica 


Every surfing enthusiast likes to explore high tides and turquoise waters all over the globe. You can experience the best high by the beaches of Costa Rica as well. With marijuana being legalized in the country, you are likely to fetch the best buds without any hassles. After you fetch the best cannabis varieties, don’t wait to jump in the waters. From the enthralling scuba diving to the top-notch surfing, you can experience it all in Costa Rica. Don’t wait to satiate the thalassophile within and explore the waters of Costa Rica right away. Along with this, traverse the attractions like Arenal Volcano, Corcovado National Park, and others. You can also ask the locals about the best cannabis regions and cover up the same. 


Bottom Line 


Cannabis tourism is beginning to take off as the countries legalize marijuana in the long run. Every pothead must try out the cannabis trips at least once in the lifetime. You can explore the high tides of Costa Rica with the best weed high ever. In case you like coffee, embark upon the journey towards the coffee shops of Amsterdam. Also, don’t forget to get your hands on the best weed pairings with it. Other than this, you might travel to other weed-friendly regions like Canada and Uruguay. Grab the fine cannabis varieties and gaze at the geological marvels like Aurora Borealis. 

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