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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s high time you think about a way to surprise your mom on this special date. And finding the right way to surprise your momma is always a challenging job, not because you don’t know how to do so, but because you want to make it extra special.

If you’re having some uncertainties about what this year’s surprise and present should be – worry not. We’re here to help you choose the perfect Mother’s Day gift ever and in that way surprise your mom.

Here are 7 ways to surprise your mom this Mother’s Day.

1. Make her a special breakfast

What a better way to start your mom’s day than to make her a special breakfast. Let her stay in bed longer and then surprise her with breakfast in bed. We guarantee she won’t be expecting that!

You can be creative with the breakfast – from making her blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and a tall glass of orange juice to something simpler like a bowl of cereal. It sort of depends on your kitchen skills. Whatever you decide on, know that your mom will appreciate it because you made it with love.

Put the breakfast on a nice tray and you can even go a step further and make her a nice note or add a flower.

2. Take her to brunch

Another great idea would be to surprise your mom with a brunch. Don’t forget to make a reservation in her favourite restaurant or maybe do something different and take her to a new place.

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Brunches are ideal for lazy mornings when you’re not in a hurry to wake up. A perfect combination of breakfast and lunch that your mom will enjoy. Apart from surprising her with brunch, she will love spending some quality time with you.

3. Don’t forget the flowers

Getting your mom flowers for Mother’s day should be an unbreakable tradition. That’s why this time around you can organize a Mother’s Day flower delivery for her. She will be pleasantly surprised by having flowers delivered straight to her door.

Choose a beautiful bouquet with tulips, lilies, or gardenias. You can even opt for something elegant and timeless like orchids. Or better yet, select a  flower arrangement with your mother’s favourite flowers.

You can truly never g wrong with a beautiful flower arrangement.

4. A spa day

Everyone needs some pampering now and then, and what a better occasion than Mother’s Day to spoil your mom rotten. Surprise your mom by booking her a spa day in a local spa.

She can choose what kind of treatments she’ll get, from all kinds of massages to pedicures and manicures and everything in between.

In case your mom isn’t keen on going to spas, it doesn’t mean that she can’t enjoy a spa day at home. Create a nice spa gift basket for your mom with all the things she’ll need to relax and enjoy a relaxing spa day at home. Don’t forget to include bath bombs, body lotions and shampoos, soothing aromatic products, handmade soaps and so much more.

5. Surprise her with a weekend getaway

When was the last time your mom took a little time for herself? I bet you don’t even remember. That’s why, this Mother’s Day, organize something special for your mom. Book her a nice Mother’s day weekend getaway.

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The options are many, you can send her to visit her favourite city, or you can organize a wellness weekend, maybe a nautical one. There are even options such as ranch and wine weekend where she’ll be able to enjoy ranch life or try all kinds of wines.

If your mom loves the beach, send her somewhere tropical and sunny. If she is the mountain kind of girl, well the mountain trip it is. Make this Mother’s Day special for your mom by sending her away somewhere nice.

6. Clean her house

If there is something every mom will appreciate, then that’s having her whole house cleaned. If you have time, you can roll up your sleeves and do this on your own, or you can hire a cleaning service to do this for you.

Seriously, this is the one gift she’ll be the happiest about.

7. Take her shopping

A bit of retail therapy never hurt anybody. If none of the previous ideas works for you, you can always take your mom shopping.

Surprise your mom with a shopping spree and some alone time with you. After spending time going through shops, take her out for lunch or coffee. Nothing screams love and care like making time to do things with your mom, especially things she enjoys doing.

Make this Mother’s Day memorable for your mom. Whatever way you choose to surprise your mom, know that it’s thought that matters the most. She will love and appreciate anything you settle on.